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I just can’t help myself. I have many other things I need and want to write about but feel compelled to address Bob Costas’ pink eye. It seems to be the pulse of the world right now. He is the NBC commentator for the Winter Olympics in Sochi. At first seeing him with the squinty eye was mildly irritating for us, the viewers, now it is simply ridiculous. I don’t know if I expect this post to be funny or educational or a bit of both. There are a ton of websites following his bout with conjunctivitis. Most of them are humorous. The jokes and hashtags on Twitter about his pink eye have been hilarious. But enough is enough. Someone needs to buy this guy a clue!
Bob Costas' Pink Eye

Bob Costas’ Pink Eye

This must be the first time in his almost 62 years that he’s had pink eye because he obviously has no idea what he’s doing. Let me explain. It’s not that I’m a know it all or even an expert. I don’t have advice that maybe anyone else would recommend but it has worked for me spendidly. I just can’t sit by idly and watch this guy suffer for days on end. Obviously, I no longer have to watch him since he’s bowed out of commentating the Olympics since it spread to his other eye. But in the interest of getting Matt Lauer out of my line of sight, I’m going to give Bob a hand. A figurative hand. Albeit well washed.

In my youth, when I worked at the Post Office in Milwaukee, I was an LSM (letter sorting machine) operator. We had to sit at machines and type in carrier codes from memory as we read addresses on letters going by at 50 per minute. If I must brag (and believe me, I must), I had the best accuracy on our crew. This was a job I loved and it came naturally to me. The person “keying” would sit at a line of 12 consoles for a half hour or 45 minutes straight (depending on the rotatiion) and then get relieved by someone. The person keying would then go in back for a 15 minute interval to pull already sorted mail as it was separated into bins. Before the bins would get full (the machine would stop if it got too full and there was hell to pay), they would get emptied into marked trays for the carriers.

What has this got to do with pink eye? More than you’d think. Not only was I handling mail that was already handled by machines but countless human hands along the way. Filthy human hands. So there was that factor of touching mail. But the main thing that came into play was that this was basically a factory environment. This wasn’t your tiny corner Post Office. It was a huge block-long building that ran 3 shifts around the clock. From the second I entered the building, I was touching things that thousands of others had touched. Like the door handles, the elevator buttons, lunch tables, chair backs, mail carts, hampers, etc. The list goes on. The biggest culprit for germs had to be the letter sorting machines. With keys like a piano numbered 0-9, you could key any combination. People would sit there and for all I know, they were never cleaned. Handwashing has always been important but you know how many people don’t do it, right? I remember noticing when I went in the bathroom, how many women went in a stall, came out and just left without washing. EW.

Ok, I’ve just about lost you. You’re thinking, “Bob Costas doesn’t work for the PO or use a letter sorting machine. Where is she going with this?!” I am segueing into a story about my first pink eye. Aww, “Baby’s First Pink Eye”, how sweet. It was while I was working there. Like in my mid to late 20’s. All of a sudden, I woke up one day with no warning and my eye was glued shut. I’m going to leave out the gory details but when I pried it open, it was bright red inside on the white part. Yes, that’s the technical term: the white part. I honestly can’t remember if I called in sick. I might have. It was really frowned upon to go into a huge establishment like that with something contagious. Trust me, I found out later when I showed up with chicken pox. 😦

I went to the eye doctor who couldn’t give me what he said would “cure” it because I’m allergic to sulfur (sulfa). He gave me some other drops and sent me on my way. I’ve read a lot about it and it’s supposed to run its’ course on its own. Just ask Bob Costas how well that’s working for him. Over the years many people would show up at work with blood red eyes. Much worse than what I had. It looked so painful, I would cringe just looking at them.

In case you’ve never had pink eye, how it looks is the least of it. Your eye feels really gritty, like there’s sand in it. It also gives your vision a foggy look. The main thing to do is NOT touch your eye AT ALL while you have it. Of course, you can’t think of anything else because it itches like crazy! If you have to touch it, have clean hands, use a clean kleenex to wipe it and wash your hands again. Always throw out the kleenex. I can’t stress this enough! If you’re using eye drops, don’t let the tip of the squeeze bottle touch your eye. Similasan is a brand of holisitic eye drops and they actually used to make a Pink Eye formula. I was told they quit making it but not sure. Now I buy their Allergy Eye Relief eye drops. My eyes are very touchy and at the first sign of trouble, I used them. Instead of rubbing my eyes, I put in the drops and make myself not touch my eyes.
Eye drops FTW

Eye drops FTW

Now back to Bob Costas. My “quick” cure for getting rid of the real Pink Eye is a 2 pronged approach. I use a shot glass filled with warm water. I lean over the sink with the full shot glass and open my eye into it. I might tip it a little back (and end up with it all over myself) but I get the eye open in the warm water. I flush it a few times. As warm as I can stand. It does sting to do this. Then I take a cloth washcloth and get it wet. I might lightly wring it but there’s still a lot of water in it. I fold it in 4 so it’s a square, put it on a clean paper plate and put it in the microwave. Heat it up for awhile. I can’t remember how long but until it is so hot you can’t touch it. Maybe a minute. Take it out of the microwave and as soon as you can handle it with your hands, place it over the infected eye. It is going to hurt or burn because it feels too hot. It also feels good because it feels like you are killing the infection. If you can only do a few seconds, take it away. Keep doing this until you can hold it on there. When it cools off, fold the washcloth the opposite way and put it back in the microwave. It won’t do any good to put a warm or cool washcloth on your infected eye, it has to be HOT. You can do this up to 4 times with the same washcloth without it being contaminated (folding differently every time). As hot as I have it, I figure it is killing all the germs in the washcloth. Do this several times throughout the first day. By the 2nd day, it is so much better you can resume normal activities. If it seems like it’s getting worse, go back to the flushing shot glass and hot washcloth.

Supposedly Bob Costas is being treated by Russian doctors. I’m not going to rip on them but think that maybe they aren’t telling him things because they think EVERYBODY knows this stuff. But I’m starting to wonder if they do. There is no reason on God’s green earth that it should have passed to his other eye if he was doing the right things! Besides not touching your infected eye at all, you stop touching EITHER eye. No good can come from touching your eyes. When you wake up with pink eye, the first thing you need to do is strip your bed and get your sheets washed. Plus any towels you might’ve used. You had your infected eye on that pillow and now you’re going to sleep on it? With the other eye? This is the biggest thing. Just because you can’t see any evidence of it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. I imagine poor Bob C. in a hotel room in Sochi where they don’t clean his sheets every day and if they do, he’s not watching them and they only change the sheets, not the pillow cases. I feel kind of bad for Bob to have his misfortune turn into humor for the viewers but Americans will laugh at anything. That’s why it’s America. We don’t have taste, we just think everything is funny and a big joke.

I take back what I said before. I AM a big know-it-all. I’ve got to go, my eye is starting to bother me. 😉

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Whenever it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, you can rest assured that I’ll eventually turn up with a tale or two to tell. We went a week without Internet access which isn’t exactly conducive to writing. Then we killed a whole day having the AT&T repair guy come out. I got him here 2 days sooner (it was going to be 9 days w/o wifi) because I complained on Twitter. Behold the power of Twitter! He was supposed to be here between 9-11 am and got here at 11:20 am. He was here until after 4 pm. He had to install new fiber optic wires and gave us a new modem. He also put a new box outside and who knows what else. He wouldn’t hook up our Apple Airport Extreme so that’s been just sitting there for a few weeks now. Greg found some directions online about how to do it. Now he just needs some time. I found out yesterday he’ll be going out of town for a week next month for work. I’m already dreading it. It’s not that I can’t handle things alone, it’s just a much bigger burden. At night, our bedtime routine entails him taking the 3 dogs out in the backyard so they can go potty and I take Mom upstairs to the toilet and put her to bed. If I have to take the dogs first, it just complicates things more. I shouldn’t feel bad. Greg’s the one going to Newark, NJ. Ha. At least he’ll know at least 4 people there that week to chum with. In other work news, he was passed over again (don’t ask how many times) for the same job he’s doing now at a  higher pay band. It’s beyond pissing us both off. He started applying for that pay grade at other airports and of course they all want him. I don’t know if I want to move though. All my life I’ve wanted to live in California but this is just the wrong time in my life for it. Time will tell what comes up next.

As I may have mentioned before, this is the weirdest winter in memory. Weather-wise, we’re being hit with tons of snow. Like three times as much as average years and a lot more than the past few years. When the snowflakes stop flying, the temperature drops to sub-zero temps. It’s only good for hibernating bears. For 5 years I’ve been walking the dogs religiously every day. Now since the beginning of Dec., they’ve only had a handful of walks. Not even one day a week. It bothers them a great deal but they still have a yard to run around in for brief intervals. I’ve been housebound way too much. I mean, technically, if I can sit outside in a Packers football game in 5 degree weather for over 3 hours, I can walk the dogs for a half hour. BUT that was largely due to not knowing it was going to be that cold when the tickets were purchased. Sure, it’s winter and all but we’re used to 30 degree winters. Some sunshine once in awhile. I don’t like walking the dogs when it’s under 18 degrees. Maybe that makes me a winp. Amber, the Shiba Inu, does well in cold weather and loves the snow. Elvis, the Jack Russell Terrier, is hearty too. But our Basenji from Africa, Ivy, just can’t take the cold. Her feet freeze and she starts limping after a couple blocks. I also have developed a fear of falling down. There’s a ton of ice on the sidewalks from people who never shoveled their sidewalks and then it snowed on top and then it froze again. In Park Ridge, there isn’t a law saying that homeowners need to clear their sidewalks. You know what that means, just under half don’t even bother. It really sucks. The snowplow piles the snow up at the corners waist-high where you’re supposed to be able to cross! I wouldn’t think of walking without my heavy winter boots but still, it’s not good. We’re expecting 2 more days of snow this week and we’re running out of places to put it.

Have I mentioned I’m going stir crazy? I get out with hubby a bit on the weekends which is good. I’ve become so scattered anymore though. Maybe distracted is a better term. I have the attention span of a gnat. I don’t know what the deal is but I can’t concentrate on anything. I go from one activity to another and never finish. I’m very unsettled. I don’t know how much of it is attributable to the weather and how much to this time of my life and circumstances.

4 years ago I got into the Winter Olympics for the first time! All my life, I’d never cared a hoot about them. I still don’t care for the summer ones. But we started watching the snow and ice sports and had a ball. This year, I was actually looking forward to it. I’ve been recording whatever NBC shows and we watch it at night. The Opening Ceremony is not to be missed. Of course, it helps to have a few drinks and make snarky comments on Twitter. I like the ice skating, hubby likes the luge, we both like the moguls and now our new favorite is called “slopestyle”. Snowboarding down a hill instead of in a half-pipe. The most ridiculous sport has to be curling followed by the biathalon. Cross country skiing and shooting a gun? They go together like peas and carrots! I don’t know if they have a triathalon but I’m sure that includes those 2 things and swimming. 🙂 The commentary is annoying at best. I don’t know who put Bob Costas in charge but it was a poor choice. He’s had a running narrative on his eye infection. Why he’s wearing glasses, how it’s not getting better and comparing himself to a cartoon character (from Peabody & Sherman) and a Superhero (Clark Kent=Superman). I expect him to come out in an eye patch tomorrow just to garner sympathy. 😉

Aside from watching the Olympics, we’ve been working on getting our house in order. For years we had plain walls and now we’re slowly hanging our latest vintage acquisitions. A few weeks ago I got a pair of matching wooden shelf units. We finally got them hung on Sat. in our bedroom. We also hung 2 more (different sizes) ship’s wheels in our hallway for a total of 3. We have another one but it’s a bigger size and not sure where it’ll fit. Our house is starting to look like a museum and I’m ok with that. Hubby is getting obsessed with globes. The regular vintage globes in blue and tan and the ones that light up. I love them too. We’ve got a few in the LR and are going to add more to the other rooms. If I can’t travel the world, at least I can dream big! 🙂

With all this time indoors, I’ve been getting more into Instagram. Not in the way I’d like. I haven’t taken hardly any pictures or posted any. Yet I’ve found a community of vintage collectors on there that sell vintage quilts, afghans, sheets, Pyrex, dishes, etc. They do it through Instagram and don’t pay fees. Just the paypal fee for collecting money and the postage fee which some pass on to customers. Some also sell on ebay and etsy but others do a huge business just on IG. I’ve gotten so involved in it. I started followed a lot of people and they post the items they’re selling. Since they only have one of each item and they’re fairly rare finds, they do it by whoever replies first with their email and zip code. This has caused me to spend an inordinate amount of time on there stalking their feeds. I’ve boughten from a few and have added to my glossy bird collection. (We also put up 2 plate rails in the dining room above the windows last week. One has my birds sitting on it, the other has my spaghetti poodles.) I’ve missed a lot of really extraordinary things but of course, none of it is anything I NEED, just stuff I enjoy. I’ve also run across things where they quote a price and while my cheap self is sitting there calculating if I should buy it, someone else comes along and buys it out from under me. Sometimes that’s a blessing.

So over the past few months I’ve been formulating in my mind that I’m going to start selling my excess estate sale goodies on Instagram. Thinning out the vintage and selling things I find that I think others would like. On the one hand, this isn’t that much of a stretch since we were one of the first selling on ebay back in the 1990’s and also still sell collectibles on our website. On the other hand, I’ve never done it in that kind of format. It’s a lot harder than it looks. I don’t gussy up my pictures when I take them. The sellers I’ve seen on IG, “stage” their pictures with a pretty backdrop. They write ON their pictures the price and any other info. They make announcements of sales and giveaways constantly. I don’t know if this is for me! I’ve got the name all picked out and once I’m ready to open, I will announce it on here. I don’t expect to sell to my friends. I’ve never really wanted to because I don’t want there ever to be any hard feelings. Then again, if I could treasure hunt for people and keep an eye out for them for specific items, that’d be pretty cool.

I started another IG account just for this vintage business but haven’t posted to it yet. I’m almost paralyzed with fear. I’m just terrible at starting things. And following through. I get super excited about things and when my enthusiasm wanes, it’s hard to carry on. I’m also worried that it’ll be hard to switch back and forth between accounts. I’m usually on my iphone 4 when I’m on there. I didn’t want to use my regular feed because it’s got a few thousand pics and all personal stuff. I don’t want to chase away the friends I’ve made on there by posting things for sale. Oh, the dilemnas I manufacture for myself.
Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine’s Day Cards

Yesterday I made Valentine’s Day cards on the computer. They turned out cute but I wish I had the time, skill and energy to make them by hand using markers, stickers, rubber stampers, ribbon, beads and all kinds of crafty things. I’m old fashioned enough to enjoy remembering special people by sending them “happy mail”. Most people really don’t care about that anymore. Valentine’s Day used to be my favorite holiday. All of my blog readers are my favorites and I want you all to be my valentine! I hope you have a wonderful day and get some sugar from your sweetheart! If you don’t have a sweetheart, hugs from your dog or cat then. 🙂

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