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It’s been almost a month since I posted anything on here. So much has happened and I’m not sure I can even recall it all. My birthday was August 7th and the 3 of us went out to lunch at Boston Fish Market. We haven’t eaten out since and probably won’t until vacation next month. The weekend before my birthday hubby finished the pergola in our backyard. It turned out nice and he put a tarp on top. Greg didn’t think it would last long with the winds we get so he decided to put a roof on it. A flat roof made out of decking boards. He just finished that this past weekend and it looks fine. Except he asked some idiot at Menards (hardware store) what to use to fill the cracks and they told  him caulk. He had about 1/3 done and it rained and the caulk came through onto everything below. Like his new expensive grill cover looks like a bevy of birds crapped all over it. So now we have to rethink everything and see what else we can do to make it more weather proof.

My birthday was on a Friday this year. Hubby bought me beautiful orange roses on the Sunday night before. These are grocery store roses and I usually  have great luck with them. I recut the stems and change the water, add flower food, etc. It’s not uncommon for flowers to last me 10 days to 2 weeks or longer. Well, these gorgeous orange roses were dead by Wed. afternoon! They were in the trash before the actual day arrived. As heavy as I am into symbolism, it was hard not to think this was an omen.

I got my usual 3 birthday cards this year. I always get 3–2 from the same people (Trese & Pam) and the 3rd varies from year to year. This year it was from a slam friend who has now turned into a penpal. She wrote a really nice letter too which I never thought I’d treasure like I do now. I used to receive (and send!) SO MANY letters. It was just taken for granted on both ends. I always liked reading (and writing) them but now no one does it. That sends the act of getting a long handwritten letter into the realm of extraordinary.

This afternoon I got a call from my mother-in-law. She was letting us know that Greg’s aunt Trese passed away this morning. It was something they were expecting. She, too, had Alzheimer’s. The funeral is Thurs. at 11 am up in Pewaukee, WI. So we’ll be leaving by 9 am to make it on time. Thursday is Greg’s day off so I don’t know if that’s lucky or unlucky to have it on that day. He doesn’t have to take off work but we lose a day of our weekend. It won’t be a whole day, we should make it home by 3 pm or a little after. But we’ll be emotionally exhausted so will be good for nothing the rest of the day. Aunt Trese was our 2nd favorite aunt (after Aunt Anne) and Greg’s Godmother.

Poor little Elvis’ allergies came back on  his feet exactly a year to the day after he got them last year! I’ve been giving him Benadryl and then using up what we had left of the steroid tablets we had. I have 1/2 a pill left and am trying to not have to call the vet this year for this. She’s the type who won’t ever prescribe anything without seeing the animal. Even if it’s something they’ve had before. I saw you can order the pills online if you get them from a foreign pharmacy. I’d be afraid to do that for a human…doubt I’d take the chance for a dog either.

Mom’s been giving me a time of it too. We’ve been fighting a lot which is my fault. I should know better. One night we must have fought for over half an hour with her on the toilet before bed. She won’t go when she’s on the toilet but goes when she’s on the couch or in bed. I think my fuse is a lot shorter the more my legs hurt me. Today was the first day in awhile that my legs have felt “better”. Not pain free but not excruciating. These days are so few and far between that I try to recount everything I did or ate the day before to see WHY one day might be better than the others. I got nothin’. I don’t bother to tell people like my in-laws that I have spinal stenosis. Nobody cares or has any sympathy which just makes me feel worse.

We’ve been really getting into the early race for President of the United States. I’m about the most apolitical person out there. Until Donald Trump entered the race. I’m no fan of him and never liked or disliked him before he entered the race. Now after listening to him during a televised Republican debate and several speeches, I am jumping on the bandwagon. Back in 1992, Ross Perot ran for President. Trump reminds me of him in that Perot had never held public office before running but had ran several successful corportations. He also said whatever was on his mind and bucked the status quo. Greg & I both loved him and were so hopeful for what he could do for America. Then Perot went batshit crazy. He went on tv and announced he had to withdraw from the race because aliens had kidnapped his daughter or some other hogwash. It was very disillusioning and has made me skeptical of Trump now.

Donald Trump is an offensive person. I’m not denying it but he also speaks the truth. That is unheard of among politicians. Politicians say whatever will get them elected. Even if it’s lies. Trump doesn’t go for political correctness which is like a breath of fresh air. He wants to make things “fair” for all Americans, not just illegal immigrants. I have no doubt he could turn things around for the USA but I have a sneaking suspicion he will quit at the last minute. He’ll say, “I don’t need this” and move on. Leaving all the people who supported him behind and shell-shocked. I’m sure it’s a risk with any candidate but usually there’s not as much riding on them as it is now. I think his biggest draw is his enthusiasm and passion. I love to hear him speak and seem like he cares and wants to take action. So many of the other candidates are so passive (no energy) and if they weren’t speaking, you’d have to poke them with a stick to know they’re alive.

I will write more soon but in the mean time, I leave you with a quote from Dana Carvey portraying Ross Perot on Saturday Night Live. This is from a comedy skit but perfectly sums up Ross Perot and the crazy things he said. “You can’t put a porcupine in a barn, set it on fire and expect to make licorice.” AMEN. 😉

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