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Hair 50

I’ve been working on my “100 Things” post for a few months. By “working on it”, I mean I typed up what that came to mind in one sitting and never looked at them again.  I did realize that too many of them centered around hair. One day I wondered why not make up a “Hair 50” and leave more room for the “100 Things” post? So here I am. Anything you want to hear about in detail, you can mention by number in the comments. Feel free to use mine as a guide to post your own “Hair 50”. 🙂
1. I had cornrows once. I couldn’t resist getting them in Barbados.

2. I donated 13 1/2″ of my hair to Locks of Love 5 yrs. ago.

3. I want to do it again but can’t find a hairdresser.
4. I’m so uncomfortable in the hair salon setting. I just don’t like the atmosphere. Not to mention how hairdressers talk to you in such a judgey way.
5. I’d shave my head for charity.
6. My hair is naturally curly and gets frizzy in humidity.
7. I refuse to wear hairspray. Aside for my dislike of the chemicals, it makes me feel like I have helmet head.
8. I had a perm once at age 15. Never again. Plus the perm smell is one of the worst for me!
9. I don’t like using blowdryers either. I prefer to let my hair air dry.
10. I went blonde when I was 21 for 7 years.
11. I loved it. Blondes do have more fun!
12. The first time I did it from a box at home and turned it red.
13. Then I went to the salon and had it corrected by a witch.
14. The upkeep on the roots was horrid.
15. Usually I had my mom touch up the roots. When I went to a salon, they accused me of waiting too long between trips. I always went 6-8 wks out and they would argue that the growth looked like 3 months.
16. I was told by my hubby’s sister-in-law in front of everyone that my hair was green once (from swimming pool chlorine). How embarrassing.
17. As a kid, my mom took me to the beauty school for haircuts.
18. I’ve never cut my own hair.
19. My mom makes me cut her hair. I hate it and I’m terrible at it.
20. My husband trims my hair. He’s bald. He does a great job.
21. I used to get compliments on my hair more than anything else.
22. I don’t see a lot of hairstyles I like on others or in magazines.
23. I collect barrettes. I don’t have a ton but have more than most people.
24. I had the Dorothy Hamill wedge haircut at age 14 and liked it.
25. Riding a motorcyle without a helmet is never a good idea. Especially if you ever intend to get a comb through your hair again.
26. As a kid, my mom accidentally tried to brush my hair with pennies in the the brush (stuck in it from the bottom of her purse). Ouch.
27. I don’t like wearing hats but do when necessary.
28. I like the look of hats but not on me. I have a huge head.
29. I only use a comb on my hair, no brush.
30. I’ve had dandruff all my life. Even though I use Head & Shoulders.
31. I haven’t tried a lot but my favorite haircare line is Biolage.
32. I used to get Lori Davis hair products sent to me in the mail every few months.
33. Anyone who tells you Suave or other cheap drugstore brands are the same as the more expensive shampoos & conditioners, is full of it.
34. I’ve started getting a few gray hairs. My dad had a full head of hair and no gray when he died at age 74. My mom started going gray at age 18.
35. I’ve never done anything wild like had colored streaks in my hair or hair extensions.
36. I’ve wanted to have a piece of my hair tested for vitamin and mineral deficiencies ever since a coworker I knew had it done.
37. I get too hot to wear wigs but have worn them for Halloween. My fave costumes were Mrs. Butterworth (the younger, cooler version of Aunt Jemima) and Oprah Winfrey.
38. I hate my long hair getting caught in the vacuum and hubby hates long hair down the bathtub drain. Ack!
39. My hair was always oily but now it can be normal or dry depending on the weather.
40. I’ve never been one to wash my hair every day. 2-3 times a week is about right for me.
41. I won’t use a regular, plain rubberband on my hair. Scrunchies are never strong enough to hold it. Banana clips look ridiculous so I use barrettes.
42. In college I used a curling iron but never used a flat iron for straightening.
43. In high school and college I slept in curlers a lot of the time. The old fashioned, ugly type. There was a fire drill in college and I went outside in my curlers with no shame.
44. The first radio contest I ever won was for 2 tickets to the movie musical “Hair” and the soundtrack album.
45. I know how to braid but can’t braid my own hair. I love the look of a french braid but never learned that either.
46. I’ve had bangs and liked them except when they get too long and hang in my eyes. Also the awkward phase of growing them out sucks.
47. I’m fascinated and creeped out by hair jewelry. Made from human hair. Hair never decays. This trend was popular until about 1925.
48. I’ve never had head lice and just the thought of it would make me itch for a week.
49. Split ends are the enemy. So are tangles.
50. I’m hair challenged. It’s easy for me to think up 50 hair related things. Also it’s easy to enjoy angel hair pasta and the song “Sister Golden Hair” by America. 😉

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