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Forget Me Not

This is getting interesting. I started 2 posts prior to this one. One I started last week and never finished about writing styles and how some bloggers make me feel dumb. Someday I will tackle that one again. In the meantime, I started another one last night about relationships and how they almost never seem to be the way we want them to be. Hopefully, I will go back and finish that one soon. Except for my list of 100 things, all my other posts I just sat down and wrote in one sitting. I don’t like this going back later and trying to finish since there’s a good chance I won’t. Lack of follow through, remember? Plus I’ve lost the initial writing adrenaline for the topic. It’s also too easy to pick apart what I’ve written and lose where I was going with the subject. Where was I again? I’m only partially kidding. That’s what made me change course and decide to discuss what’s really bothering me right now.
In between making appointments this week to take my mom to the ENT doctor and the audiologist, I made dental cleaning appts. for both hubby and me. Tomorrow I’m taking my elderly car (almost 18 yrs. old) into the dealership to have the passenger side window fixed and the door (it won’t open, probably due to the window). It’s been a few weeks that I’ve been driving it with the window up and unable to be opened (probably the motor) which wouldn’t be a big deal but I haven’t had working air conditioning for years and it’s summer. I drive it very seldom, like a few times a week at most to do errands (library, grocery, bank, etc). the You should’ve seen me take my mom to the drive-thru at the bank. She had to sit in the backseat and it was like “Driving Miss Daisy”. I’m not having the a/c fixed since it’s an old car and I’m not made of money. Besides, it’s almost autumn and I won’t need it. There are a lot of little things that need to be fixed on it as well but I’m just going to opt for the major thing and hope the price doesn’t kill me. It’s still cheaper than a new car. I happen to love my old Pontiac which still drives like a dream!
My life is as busy as the next guy’s and with having a garden I’ve been trying to use up whatever I harvest as it comes along: rhubarb, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, etc. I can’t stand to see food go to waste so It’s taking up a lot of time making spaghetti sauce and cucumber salad from scratch. The reason I’m bringing up all this stuff I’ve got going on is I’m wondering if having too much on my mind (and my plate) is what’s causing my memory to falter.
It is scaring the bejesus out of me that I can’t remember what I used to. My husband never had a good memory so I don’t notice his being any worse than it was and I don’t think he does either. My memory was phenomenal. On a scale of 1-100, it used to be about 99 3/4. Now I’d rate it about 29. That is a long way to deteriorate. I realize age is a factor. My parents were in their 40’s when they had me. More than once my dad “forgot” to pick me up after school. I usually took the bus but due to some function I’d need to be picked up occasionally. This is back in the day when there were no cellphones. I never had money to use a payphone so would wait awhile, then start walking home. My junior high was 5 miles away. High school was 2 miles away. Eventually he would remember and I’d be at least halfway home. I would be so mad! I couldn’t understand how you could forget your own kid. Now I get it. I also used to be horrified at news stories of babies in carseats being left on top of cars while the parent got inside and drove away. I never thought I could do something like that but if I had a child now, I’d be so afraid I might. I haven’t forgotten anything major YET, it’s just the little things. I always say “I can’t think of everything”. I try to but I still forget stuff. I forget to wash parts of my body (in the bathtub) or can’t remember if I did them so do them again. I used to hear about people checking the stove to see if it was turned off or the door to see if it was locked over and over. Now I can’t remember if I just did something like that myself. I also need a list even for a few items at the grocery store. I used to be able to remember without a list. Now even if it’s 3 things, I need a list. I also forgot salt in a cake I made. I’ve never forgotten any ingredient before. It turned out fine but it shook me up thinking I’d have to give up baking if I can’t even follow a recipe anymore.
Alzheimer’s is the cruelest disease out there. I’m really not too afraid of having that but I would like to find a supplement or something to improve my memory. I am having a hard time just accepting that my memory isn’t what it was. My mom is 90 and just in the past year or so, her memory has started to slip. It’s not even every day but she’ll not remember that I made something before or won’t remember someone I’ve talked about a lot. She doesn’t let it worry her though. She has some days she’s like her old self and other days when she is not all there. But she’s 90! Probably watching her memory fade is causing me to worry more about losing mine.
Am I the only one losing their memory? Or is there something in the water? 🙂 If there’s a vitamin or supplement you’ve taken that has actually worked, I’d appreciate you sharing it here. Also, any funny (or not) stories about something you or someone else forgot would be helpful.

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