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We were up in Green Bay, WI on vacation from Sept. 9-17th. It was a really great time with only 2 bad incidents. We took Mom out gambling every single night which hasn’t happened in many years. She was all game since she didn’t have to walk over and was pushed in the wheelchair. We played with her at the slot machine, put money and player’s card in for her and told her repeatedly which button to hit. We ate all our meals in the RV this trip and I didn’t mind a bit. We got out to our usual haunts up there for treasure hunting and even found a few new ones. I need to write a whole blog post just about the antique stores we went to and the great stuff we saw! Besides memories, we came home with a few things we’ll treasure for the rest of our lives.
We got home on Sat. Sept. 17th at 2:30 pm. We weren’t able to park in front of our house (just to unload) because there was a giant hole on the opposite side of the street. If we’d parked our RV in front, no one would be able to get by at all. So we parked around the corner and had to bring Mom home in the wheelchair. We also had to make several trips with the wheelbarrow to bring our clothes and food home. On our door was a red tag and a blue tag plus some paperwork. The city had torn up the street because of a water main break on the 14th. At that time, they had hit our gas line from the street to the house. Just ours! So they had shut off our natural gas service and put a new device on the front of the house. They needed to move the meter from the basement to outside by the front door. It said to call so we did and they said they would send someone out in 2 hours. This caused Greg to have to wait to take the RV to Elgin, IL where we store it. When the technician finally came, he said he couldn’t do it that day and someone would come on Monday. This went from an inconvenience to a pain in the ass to a nightmare! I took some time on Sunday to clear away a huge area by the gas meter so he’d have plenty of room to work. He had asked what time on Monday I wanted him to come, I said between 9-9:30 am. So I was up by 7 am so I could get Mom dressed and fed and set up at the computer before he arrived. All I could think of was if he showed up while I was busy with her, he’d have to wait and they just don’t wait. So I was a nervous wreck waiting. You really can’t do anything else because you have to be available. When he hadn’t arrived by 10:30 am, I called Nicor Gas to find out if they were still coming. She said yes and that it would be by noon. That he shouldn’t have told me a specific time. To make a long story short, I called again in mid afternoon and she said they were dealing with a bunch of emergencies. I could see if it was bad weather and a tornado had taken down lines or houses but this was a gorgeous day. She said a lot of construction crews were hitting gas lines plus homeowners were too when digging in their yards. I told her if someone was digging and hit it, I could see them letting him wait a week. There are constantly ads saying don’t dig in your yard without calling to find the lines first. Here we were without gas through no fault of our own. After being out RVing, the first thing I wanted was a hot bath but no hot water.

The woman on the phone told me he was on his way. So I waited and at 10 minutes to 4 pm, a guy showed up. He didn’t know anything about it and said he didn’t do that kind of work. He was here a half hour and needed to go downstairs to look at the meter and make notes. I told him to take pictures with his phone and he had to go get another phone out of his truck. He tried calling his 2 supervisors and neither answered. So he said he would email them that night and find out when someone would be coming. He gave me his personal phone number and told me to call him mid-morning the next day. I figured I’d ring him at 9:30 am. So at 9:15 am, without any warning, the guy from Sat. shows up! He was here just over 2 hours and left a mess on the floor from drilling but otherwise, we got our service back after being home 3 days without it. We’d been eating microwave leftovers since I couldn’t cook on the stove. Now over a week later, the city has finally showed up to start filling in the hole in the street. It’s enough to make us long for the simpleness of vacation. Luckily, we’ll be leaving again in 9 days! πŸ™‚ I was so proud of the dogs. They do great having strange workmen in the house. Elvis barks some and follows them around but Amber and Ivy ignore them after initially checking them out.

We went to 2 estate sales on Sat. Sept. 24th and I met a woman I hope to become friends with. She’s in her 80’s and has been going to Naomi’s estate sales for over 20 years. Her name is Ruth and I immediately felt a bond with her when we’ve talked before. I’ve been mistaken so many times when I feel a friendship towards someone and apparently it’s not reciprocated. Aside from passing pleasantries, I don’t have long conversations with people unless we’re friends or I hope to become friends. Not everyone feels this way. I’ve had 1-3 hour conversations with people who never speak to me again when they see me. Saturday Ruth and I got to have a longer chat. I found out her mother will be turning 110 on Oct. 16th! She’s still sharp as a tack and lives alone in her own house. This just floored me. I’ve never heard of someone living that long. I didn’t even know that was possible. I want to meet this woman in the worst way. If we weren’t going to be on vacation then, I’d invite myself to her birthday party! It would be such a gift to me to be able to ask her questions and find out about her past and learn firsthand about the history of 100 years ago. My dad always wanted to live to 100 and he died at 74. My mom didn’t say she wanted to live that long but it looks like she could… Here’s a pic I took of her last week at age 95 years, 5 months. Now I’m thinking living to 110 could be a good thing if you have all your faculties and are in good health. It’s good to have goals. πŸ˜‰

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