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I’ve been so absorbed in social media lately and yet I haven’t wanted to get on here and blog. Like sitting for hours and watching Instagram Stories. I don’t know if I like them or not but they keep me coming back for more. I know it’s my dislike of the new laptop and the difficulty that arises from using it that keeps me at bay. Last blog post I published was on my iPhone which caused other problems but may be the way I have to post for awhile. The entire week I’ve been like a zombie since Greg started his new job on Monday. We’ve been getting up at least an hour earlier than we used to and going to bed an hour earlier but still don’t sleep well. At first it was the anxiety of the unknown but now it’s just going back to a 5 day work week after many years of a 4 day one. I’ve tried to keep my yap shut and keep the complaining down to a minimum. I’m really dreading winter for his travel to and from work. He also doesn’t have much to do which he knew would be the case but it’s still hard to go from being busy almost constantly to trying to find things to do.
Wed. Aug. 17th was hubby’s last day at his old job. They had a going away party for him with pizza. He was given an eagle trophy and a challenge coin for being at O’Hare airport for 12 1/2 years. One of his coworkers has a jet airplane chocolate mold so made treats for everyone. They turned out really cute! Now I want to make some. I’ll add it to the list of 5 million other things I want to do. Which I can squeeze in between the 3 thousand other things I’m already doing. Sigh…

I have an inordinate amount of things to tell so will shorten them beyond what I usually would. August 4th I got my hair cut short. It didn’t turn out to be as short as I wanted it. Or as short as the other 2 times. I like it but I can see how very soon it will be getting unruly because of the natural curl. I got 16″ cut off and the salon I went to no longer sends in the hair or gives a free hair cut. I wish they’d told me on the phone when I made the appt. It was no big deal though. The haircut was $25 & I gave her $30 with the tip. Then we took the rattail home and boxed it up and mailed it to Locks of Love. I had them notify me of receipt via email instead of mail since it takes so long. I already got the appreciation certificate whch was nice. Since Greg was off, he came along like last time to take pictures. It was so sweet and I told him not many men would do it. He said he didn’t mind since it was only once every 3-4 years! Ha ha.

Next step was getting my eyes examined. Lens Crafters had just gotten this Clarifye machine in 3 weeks before. It takes a snapshot of the eye and supposedly gives a more accurate exam. My eyes hadn’t changed that much but they are so bad (6.25 & 6.50) that I never feel like I can see good. Even now with supposedly 20/20, I can read things at a distance but it takes some time for my eyes to focus. One of the downfalls of getting older, I guess. I didn’t have as much trouble picking out glasses frames as last time. I tried on like 6 and narrowed them down from there. I had Greg take pics of me with them on plus Lens Crafters has an ipad like device that takes pics and you can put them all on a page and compare you wearing each of them. I really like my new ones. I’m surprised how much. They are Vogue brand and made in China. They had a 50% off lenses sale so the total for one pair came to $389. The machine that makes the glasses was broken so instead of an hour, they said they would take a day to make them. They weren’t ready the next day like they promised but I picked them up on Sat. Aug. 6th. They needed some adjustments and sent me on my way. Then I noticed something on the left lens near the nosepiece. It was like a piece of glue or something that wouldn’t come off. I didn’t want to take them back but they were so new. I figured I better. So I went on my birthday to Lens Crafters and the woman there at that time knew right away it wasn’t glue. It was a nick that the person adjusting had put in the lens! They had to remake the lens and I had to give them up, use my old pair and come back again the next night. So I was at Lens Crafters 4 times in 4 days. <eyeroll>

Sunday Aug. 7th (my actual birthday), we got pizza for the 2nd time this year and brought it home to eat. We got 2 since the 2nd was half off and there’d be leftovers. I never take pictures of the pizza but figured I would. I took the one pizza and then when I went to take a pic of the 2nd, it fell on the floor face down. Gah! It wasn’t as bad as it sounds but not ideal. 

For a special treat for my birthday, Greg took me to his office. I’d seen his 2 previous offices but not the current one which is SO NICE. It’s a new building and the cubes are HUGE. The size of a NYC apartment!! In Feb. he just moved to a window cube and has a lovely view too. If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to give it up! (Now at his new job, he has a much smaller cube with low walls. It’s also in front by the supervisor’s office where everyone has to walk by.) So that was really fun and then we went to this waterfall in Rosemont and walked around and took pictures. It’s a touristy thing to do but since we’re local, we never do it. 

In the past few weeks, I’ve made 4 batches of homemade spaghetti sauce. The tomatoes started coming in the very end of July which was about a week early. When I originally started this blog, I was thinking of making it all about cooking and recipes. I was far more into it 6 years ago than I am now. I still enjoy cooking but don’t have as much uninterrupted time as I used to. Plus Mom used to encourage me to make various dishes. She would tell me how delicious things were that I made and have 2nd helpings, etc. Now she still eats well but never tells me she likes something or to make it again, etc. If I ask her if she likes her dinner, she doesn’t answer. It’s hard to get enthused about cooking when the ones you lived to cook for don’t take any interest. Greg still likes my cooking but I don’t think it matters too much to him what I make.

The weekend of my birthday, Greg found a vintage formica kitchen table top at the curb. Someone had put it out for the garbage in our neighborhood. It was the best gift I could’ve gotten even though it was free. Or maybe because it was free?! I’ve wanted one for a long time. Never mind that our kitchen is not big enough for a kitchen table! I grew up with a kitchen table and dislike not having one. It didn’t matter that it had no legs, we knew we would figure something out. After much thought, I came up with the idea of using the vintage Singer treadle sewing machine base Greg got at an estate sale. It’s so beautiful and he had a piece of redwood fitted tot the top of it but not screwed down. He was going to treat the wood and now we have to find something else for the redwood to go onto. We are going to try to dismantle the loveseat in the sunroom and put the table in there. Ideally, we will remove our large couch in the LR that has been trashed for years and throw it away. Then put the loveseat from the sunroom in the LR. If it sounds confusing, that’s why we haven’t done it yet. It involves a lot of moving and lifting and making way to carry things. Plus the weather has been scorchingly hot and we try to avoid doing that type of thing in the heat.

The same weekend, we found an old ALL detergent metal bucket and 2 pieces of vintage enamelware. Two different size white pans in very good condition–one is round and the other about twice as big and oval. We haven’t had luck finding anything curbside in a long time even though our neighborhood usually throws out nicer stuff.

Sunday Aug. 21st was the only Sunday off hubby had this year since he was transitioning between jobs. So I decided it was high time we go to Vintage Garage Chicago. It is a once a month vintage market in Uptown Chicago (north of downtown). They set up in the first few levels of a parking ramp. It costs $5 to get in and you walk around and see everyone’s wares. We had to park several blocks away & I got a blister on my heel but otherwise it was fun. I doubt we’ll go again but I’m glad we went once. 

Hubby found 2 cool things there. The first was an aluminum P-38 box airplane from the 1940’s. It looks like a hood ornament but it’s not. There was a booth to get a free appraisal of a vintage item. They weren’t busy so I told Greg we should take the plane over there. We got a good laugh because we know more than they do. They had no clue & only knew how to search on eBay. I hate to brag but in this case I will. I know way too much about looking things up on eBay!! 😇

The other thing Greg got was a Weston voltmeter in its original wooden box! Inside the lid of the box is the paperwork dated 1912! So much fun to find something we’d never seen before & might never see again! I got 2 books & a small planter. I’m just not seeing the appeal in a lot these days…

Hubby smoked his first pork loin last weekend. He used cherry wood chips & it turned out great. The “bark” was kind of hard & hubby lost a filling eating it. 😩He had to go to the dentist even though he’d just been there for a cleaning 2 1/2 weeks ago. 😐 It’s been so blessed hot and HUMID, we’ve had the air on for like a month straight. I hate having it on for more than a few days but we’d die without it. I wonder what kind of winter we’ll have?! Sorry this shortened post turned out to be long. 😬 It’s been a crazy month! 😜


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August 2nd was Happy Hair Day for me. I had a 10:15 am appointment to get my super long hair chopped off. This is something I had been thinking of doing for over a year. Talk about procrastination! I didn’t know what hairstyle I wanted or who I wanted to have cut it. I just kept waiting, expecting the answers to magically fall in my lap. That I’d see the exact hairstyle I wanted somewhere or someone would recommend the perfect hairstylist. I didn’t just sit idly by, I spent time looking online. Anyone who’s ever looked up businesses on Yelp! knows that those reviews are so subjective. A place will have mostly 5 stars and then have a few 1 star horror story reviews. I just wasn’t comfortable taking the risk this time.

 5-6 yrs ago I had donated 13 1/2″ of my hair to Locks of Love. That time I found a hairstylist online by looking at the Locks of Love website. (They have since taken the links to salons down off their website.) Her name was Madeline and she was an older woman who worked part time. The salon was in the town I live in but on the south side. It was a good experience and I was happy with the initial cut. I went back to her a few times later but then eventually started letting my hair grow out again. Since I was stuck in a rut and couldn’t decide, I figured I’d go back to Madeline. I knew what to expect and I felt pretty comfortable with her. I had no pictures of the before, during or after that time so I had my husband come along to photograph Thursday’s session. He volunteered, I didn’t force him. 😉  I went overboard with the pictures this time and posted most of them to Instagram who sent them to Twitter for me. I am going to attempt to put pictures in this post. If you don’t see any, you’ll know I failed. If they are screwed up, you’ll know I tried.

As I said in my previous post, I was tying this hair cutting event to my milestone birthday which is happening on Tuesday. I’d built it way up in my mind, to the point where I was as nervous as if I was going to the doctor. And that’s pretty nervous! There was nothing to be nervous about except the unknown. I had a few pictures on my phone of short haircuts so I showed them all to Madeline and explained what I liked about each one. My hair is naturally curly so I used to just scrunch it when it was long and wet and it would curl right up until I combed it.
Madeline is such an expert at cutting hair, she can talk a mile a minute and her fingers are just automatically working in tandem with her tools of the trade to cut the hair. It was great to be back in the hands of a professional. First she put a cape on me and got some rubberbands to ponytail up my hair. She didn’t have a ruler so used a comb marked 6″ to measure how long my donation was. It was 6″ twice plus at least 3″ more. So 15″ total. The salon was now taking hair donations for Wigs For Kids and already had 4 other ponytails to send along with mine to the charity. Madeline then cut through the hair above the rubberband. She placed it on table of the station next to hers. She had my husband fill out all my info to mail in with the donation while she took me back to be shampooed.
At this time she told me my haircut would be free! That was such a nice surprise. At the end of the haircut I thanked her and tipped her $20. I hope that was fair. I’m not familiar with going to salons and what they charge and how much most people tip for a haircut. I wanted her to have something for her time. It took about 40 minutes total and she’d alotted 45. Anyway, after the shampoo she worked her magic and actually listened to what I said and did it! That really impressed me. She made it as short as I wanted while giving me a soft feminine look which was important to me. It felt so good to have it short. Like a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Today it is even more noticeable. I look in the mirror and I feel like I was hiding behind all that hair.
I love being able to help someone in ways other than money. I could have not donated my hair and just let it be swept up on the salon floor and put in the garbage can. Instead, it made me feel good to get a fresh start and give back to someone else who needed and would appreciate the hair. I recommend anyone who’s thinking about doing it to give it a try. If only I’d started doing this when I was younger, I could’ve made it a hobby and done it like 6 times already! 🙂
To make the day bigger and even more memorable, we left from the salon right over to the Driver Services Facility, also known as the DMV. The closest one to us is in the next town over, Niles, IL. It was ridiculously crowded so I had a 1 hr 35 min. wait. For renewing a driver’s license and getting a vision test. I barely passed the vision test which scared me half to death. I know I can’t see as good as I should. It was exactly 2 yrs ago I got an eye exam and glasses and thanks to genetics, I’ll be getting new glasses the rest of my life. 😦 Anyway, I need to get in and get a new prescription in the next few months. At least something went right and I passed! I then had to go wait in line at the cashier and pay my $30 renewal fee. Then wait in line to be sent over to the seating area for photography. There was only one open seat there so I sat squished in with a bunch of people and waited. They called us up in groups of 8 people to stand while they had one person at a time sit in front of a blue background. I didn’t wear any jewelry because I didn’t want to worry about the earrings while I was getting a haircut but it would’ve been nice to have some on for the picture. Thankfully, my new license is good until 2016 and hopefully longer! The last time I’d gotten my pic taken there was 8 years ago. 4 years ago they had let me renew through the mail. I paid and they sent me a sticker that I affixed to the back of the license to extend the expiration date another 4 years. All this because I was a Safe Driver and their facility is overcrowded.
We rounded out the day by having lunch at Dick’s River Roadhouse in Mount Prospect, IL. It’s a sports bar that serves food. They have the best ribs anywhere! They had sent me an email certificate for a free entree for my birthday so I wanted to make sure we went on a day they had ribs. It was a great way to celebrate feeling short hair sassy! 🙂

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I call it the Birthday Funk. My big milestone birthday is a week from today. For the better part of a week I’ve been getting anxious about it. It has nothing to do with turning a year older or it being a big birthday. I feel this way EVERY year. I love birthdays and enjoy others’ birthdays, sending them cards and saying “Happy Birthday” to them on Twitter. I’m just generally happy they were born and glad to wish them truly good things. I’m excited about my own birthday for a month or two in advance. Up until about 2 weeks ahead of time, then I get that awful feeling. I don’t even know how to describe it. I’ve had it since I was a kid. I know it has everything to do with how high my expectations are and how easily disappointed I am. I enjoy nice things as much as the next person but I am not *overly* into material things. What I mean to say is: I already own everything I could possibly want and don’t need ANY gifts whatsoever. Which means I’d prefer NOT to get anything. Unless the person really knows me well, it’s usually not something I can use.

Part of the reason I haven’t made plans to go to BlogHer yet is because the convention is usually on the weekend of my birthday. This time it is the weekend before my birthday. I am afraid I’d be in a birthday funk on top of being overwhelmed and anxious at being around so many people. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Leo and I like attention. It has to be the right kind of attention. I like cards and hugs and phone calls (doesn’t have to be that day) but now I realize it’s how people treat me year round that means the most to me. If they ignore me all year but call me to wish me a quick Happy Birthday, it rings hollow. It’s always nice to be remembered and that’s a bone of contention with me. I’m always afraid I’ll be overlooked or forgotten.
I’ve had a few wonderful birthdays and a few awful birthdays. Now they are a lot like any other day, as so many people are fond of saying. Which means that for a lot a of them, I can’t remember anything specific that happened on them. That’s one of the reasons I love going on vacation over my birthday. I don’t get the mail until home from the trip and when I see the 3 birthday cards (yes, that’s the usual number I get), I don’t feel let down because I had a great vacation. If we go on vacation, it feels like we are celebrating every day which I love. When I stay home for my birthday, I feel like I’m waiting for something to happen and it never does. It just seems like such a letdown. It’s supposed to be a special day and when it isn’t, does that mean I’m not a special person?! That is at the core of this birthday funk. I’m afraid I’m insignificant, inconsequential, don’t matter. Not worth remembering, etc. I mean there should be a parade and toasts, etc. right?!
It’s almost like my insecurity taking form by showing me once a year that I haven’t made a mark on anyone’s life. I feel sorry for those around me who don’t know what to do to make me feel better. As I said, being showered with gifts won’t do it. I prefer the gifts that come unexpectedly for no reason at all. Those bring delight and sheer happiness! If I think someone spent a lot of money on me, I just can’t enjoy it whether it’s a meal out or a high priced drink, gift, etc. I don’t know if that has to do with my cheapness or feeling unworthy.
I’ve never written or even talked about this topic because it seems like a huge pity party for one. I have NO reason to feel bad about my birthday or anything associated with it. No one I’ve loved has died on that day. Shoutout to @TheBecksB who has had that happen twice and manages to power through on her birthday in spite of it all. I’m going to write a blog post about the ghosts of birthdays past. Telling about some of the most memorable ones.
I’m being granted the opportunity to celebrate another year on this earth and hopefully live another year longer. Isn’t that already being given the greatest gift of all? I don’t want this post to be a bunch of people wishing me a happy birthday. I plan to post on the day of my birthday and you can wish me well then if you so choose. 😀 I would like to hear if anyone else has this birthday funk where they just know they’re going to be disappointed and letdown ahead of time. If so, how do you combat it? I’ve had so much fun at others’ parties and events I’ve gone to that I’ve felt like it was my birthday, if you know what I mean!
Since August 7th falls on a Tuesday this year, hubby has to work. He’s already offered to take the day off (use vacation) and we could go downtown Chicago and hang out. He’d still have to work Wed. though so I told him not to. We can start the drinking and celebrating Wed. night when he gets home from work and have it go on until Sunday morning when he goes back. I’m kidding. We’ll drink one night and I’ll overdo it and not want to drink again for a week or two. 😉 Just that he offered was enough. I did tell him the greatest gift I could have would be time to blog! Not kidding.
The one way I’m acknowledging my birthday is by getting my super long hair cut short. I donated my hair 5-6 yrs ago to Locks of Love and plan to do it again on Thurs morning. I’ve been thinking about this for months and last time when I did it, I didn’t have any pictures of the before and after. I also did it in early Nov. and it didn’t coincide with anything else. I wasn’t upset to have it cut and was actually happy to help someone else by sharing my hair. This time because I’ve paired it closely with my birthday, it has been nothing but stressful. I didn’t have a hairstylist last time and just picked one out of the phone book. I was fairly happy with her. This time I didn’t know who to go to so I ended up agonizing over it for weeks, researching it online and then deciding to go with the one from last time. Better safe than sorry. I wish taking risks came second nature to me. Instead I worry. I’m not even too concerned about how the cut turns out since I know my hair grows fast and will grow out. I’m just ill at ease in the whole salon atmosphere. You’d think at my impending age I could handle it with no problem. I guess it just goes to show no matter what age we are, we still have more growing (up) to do! 🙂

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