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Another crazy busy couple of weeks have passed. We’ve been trying to have some fun to make up for the weekends that sucked. We’ve also been trying to get the garden ready for planting and start planning a vacation. 

In my quest to lose weight, I’ve started skipping lunch about 4 days a week. I’m into my 4th week of it and have lost about 1 lb. a week. It started out early this month that I had a bad cold and was too sick to eat. When I didn’t keel over from not eating, I figured it was a way to eliminate calories without noticing much. It’s easier for me to not eat than only eat a tiny bit. I’m trying to shrink my stomach from the inside so I don’t need to eat so much to feel full. I was never one for skipping meals. Lunch was the highlight of my day sometimes. I don’t know if I can keep it up longterm, esp. in winter. For now, it’s a temporary solution.
Greg’s still seeing the doctor every 2 weeks and he has to call on the weeks he doesn’t see him and report his blood sugar readings. He’s now at 60 ml of insulin daily. His numbers are getting close to what they should be. We’re guessing he’ll end up with about a 75 ml dose. After 2 weeks on 10 mg of Lexapro, I had to tell him how I was doing. I still feel sadness but don’t cry anymore. It has totally leveled me out so that I don’t get happy either. He upped the dose to 15 mg. On a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 where I started and 10 being where I want to be, after 10 mg I was at a 3, then after 15 mg I was at a 4 or 5. He had me switch to 20 mg and i really don’t notice any difference. Some days I wonder if even a fistful would work. I no longer think this is the right thing for me. I am going to give it a try longer but it isn’t doing what I’d hoped. I kind of feel dead inside.
Thurs. May 18th, after his doctor’s appt., Greg went to pick up the RV from the shop. Afterwards, he took it to where we store it in Elgin and was going to vacuum it. The generator wouldn’t start. He called them right away and they tried to walk him through different things to get it to start and it wouldn’t. So they had him bring it back over and sure enough, they had cut a wire! They had changed the oil in the generator and somehow cut a wire. It never would’ve started at that rate. For $1700, you’d think they’d do better work. Greg doesn’t get mad about things like that but I would’ve been livid. Luckily, he didn’t bring me along. He got it vacuumed but we need to do some surface cleaning of countertops, nightstands, sinks, toilet, etc. which can’t be done until we have it here in front of the house.
Thurs. May 11th, we went up to Wisconsin to bring his mom her Ancestry DNA results. We also took her to lunch at the Machine Shed restaurant which is like a Cracker Barrel. We did this as a Mother’s Day gift. We didn’t know if she’d like her DNA results since she thought she was German, Irish and Native American. It turns out she’s 37% Great Britain and the rest is Eastern European and Scandinavian. She was absolutely thrilled! I jokingly told her she was related to the Queen of England and she believed me. I had to tell her no, but I’d be calling her that anyway. We also broached the subject of having her come along on our first RV trip this year. We’re going to Green Bay, WI and that’s where one of her other sons lives. I didn’t know if she’d want to just ride up there and back with us and stay with Brian and his wife. Or if she’d want to stay in the RV. There’s plenty of room but she’s just not used to it. 
On Sat. night, we finally decided when we’d be taking our trip. Leaving next week Thurs. I basically let Greg decide. I wanted to go away for our 25th wedding anniversary but he has an important work thing he’s in charge of on June 26th and he wants to be at work for the 2 weeks ahead of time to get things ready. He’s got a doctor’s appt. on Thurs. June 1st and it’s not until 11:15 am which means we’d get a late start. If he’s not worried about it, why should I be?! He called his mom that night and asked if she was free to go that week. She said yes and would call Brian and see if she could stay there. She got back to Greg on Monday and said it would work out. 
Both hubby and I are nervous about having her along. Maybe for different reasons. I think it’ll be nice to have company in there but don’t know how she’ll react to it. I’ll probably be making some food to take along but we’ll also do some cooking inside like usual. We’ll have to drive up to Pewaukee, WI in the RV on Thurs. aft. and pick his mom up and then go to Green Bay. There’s not really anywhere to park the RV so she’ll have to be ready when we get there. We’ve got a ton of things planned to do when we get up there—whether or not she comes along. I wish I could say I’m excited but I’m not. I don’t look forward to anything anymore. I don’t know how it can be so hard to be happy.

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So much has happened in just a few weeks. Hubby had been so sick, suffering with a sinus infection last time I posted. That would have been bad enough but after taking an entire week’s worth of pills, we find out he’s allergic to penicillin. Just in time to ruin another weekend, they came on as he was driving home on Thurs. April 27th. By the time he’d had dinner, he was fully broke out from head to toe with hives. We tried a Benadryl and a Zyrtec which did nothing. Luckily, we both had a doctor’s appt. the following morning. The first thing the doctor said when he came into the room and saw Greg was, “Somebody got some sun!” His entire head was bright red. The doctor seemed unfazed by the severity and prescribed low dose steroids (starting out with 6 pills a day, decreasing each day until day 6 is 1 pill), 2 Benadryl every 6 hours round the clock and Calamine lotion. Greg was miserable for the entire week. we were both worried that his throats might close up! As long as it took to get into his system is how long it took to pass the penicillin out of his system. He works alone on Sunday and by Monday it was finally starting to abate a little bit. This was my first time seeing the doctor as a patient and he prescribed me Lexapro without even listening to my heart or lungs or looking in my ears or throat. I thought that was weird. I told him how I’ve felt down for months and didn’t know if it’s because my mom died, if it’s due to starting menopause or if I’m depressed. He said try 10 mg of Lexapro for 2 weeks and then he’d up the dose if needed.
The first day I took it, it made me nauseous for a few hours and then passed. After a few days I felt better but that Sat. April 29th when I started it, I came down with a cold. So it’s hard to tell how I really feel. It’s still lingering on. He had a bunch of blood tests done on me since it’s been over 4 years since I had blood drawn. He has this Patient Fusion thing where you can look online to see your results. My cholesterol is 229 which is a bit high but to me, nothing to worry about. Normal is under 200 but he wants it under 180. When we went back to the doctor Thurs. May 4th, he told me to get some Red Yeast Rice Extract Pills at Sam’s Club and take a 600 mg. pill twice a day and it will naturally lower it. We stopped in to Sam’s Club and they were out! So I got it at CVS when we picked up one of hubby’s prescriptions. I started taking it Sun. May 7th and it made a mess of my stomach. He said it would do that but it goes away over time. Today is already better. 

So many people are on antidepressants and I never wanted to be one of them. I’m against taking a lot of pills. I like to think the body heals itself. However, after all these years, I’ve decided to try and see if I can feel better mentally and physically. This is my first time taking any and I didn’t want to have the stigma of it rub off on me. Yet I’d rather be honest and share that I’m trying it than hide it. I can tell already I sleep a lot better at night. I’m still sleepy during the day but I’m hoping to get some energy eventually. So far there isn’t a significant change.

The doctor has been increasing hubby’s dose of insulin by 10 ml a week. He’s now up to 40 ml a day. His numbers are coming down but the whole week he was on steroids, they were high. The doctor said that would happen. This week we are getting a reprieve from going in to his office and only have to call the doctor on Thurs. and report his blood sugar readings and I have to say if I need my dose upped. We might use the day Thurs. after calling to take the Ancestry DNA results up to his mother in WI. We got them a few weeks ago when he was so sick and there was no way we could go anywhere, let alone to another state. 

Last weekend, we had our first semi-normal weekend in over a month. We got to go to 2 estate sales on Friday and then popped in to Oakton St. Antique Mall nearby to check out their sale. We parked next to a car that was just filled with garbage! The passenger side and entire backseat was stuffed to the ceiling with trash! I couldn’t believe it was that bad. I’ve seen cars used as dumpsters before but usually there’s room to see through the back window. It’s so unsafe not to be able to use your rearview mirror at all! I took a bunch of pictures and will use them for this post. I told hubby when we went inside to try to guess whose car it was. It was really impossible to tell! I assumed it was a man’s car but it could’ve been a woman’s. Little things like that amuse me. It’s sad and gross and curious all rolled into one. I guess it makes me feel like my life is less of a mess. For the record, the inside of my car is very clean. 🙂

On Sat. May 6th, we went to the Library Book Sale in our town. I was pretty excited. They only have it twice a year. We missed it last time because that was the day that Mom had a stroke and went into the hospital. (Yesterday was 6 months since she died.) We got there a minute or two before opening and there were like 35 people ahead of us. They had the vintage books in a back room and going in there, it was all picked over. I only found 2 older books and after looking through everything in the place, I left with only 9 books. I was kind of bummed but we hit a few estate sales and found some really great books at those. We also ate good food and walked the dogs together every day even though we were worn out.

Skipping back a bit, on April 24th we went to the AT&T store near the mall in Niles, IL. I knew for months we had to go switch our cellphone and U-verse account from Mom’s name to Greg’s. Mom had worked for the phone company for over 35 years and got a discount. Since she lived with us, we put the phone in her name. When she died, they said to wait at least 3 months but less than 6 to switch them over. I had mentioned it to Greg often but you know how there’s never a good time for things like that. Our AT&T store usually has a couple hour wait to be helped, standing room only, wall to wall. But because we went at 6 pm on a Monday night, it was the emptiest I’d ever seen it! We were helped immediately by a nice girl named Oliwia but it still took 2 1/2 hours! First we decided to cancel our landline. No one ever calls us but telemarketers. So that took awhile. Then we had to cancel our cellphone from her name to ours. They no longer have “minutes” or charge for texts. We were able to bring our cellphone bill down about $50. Then we had to cancel our U-verse and go without Internet for 3 days! That made no sense to me. But they couldn’t just do a name switch on the computer. They had to send out a technician on Thurs. April 27th. Then we had to bundle our Directv with our U-verse. For some reason the bill was no cheaper for bundling. We’ll have to call Directv and find out why. Directv offers new customers great deals but if you’re loyal and stick with them, they keep raising your rates. Go figure.

Greg was at work when the AT&T tech came. The guy was very “ meticulous” and “precise”. Everything had to be “just so” and “by the rules”. When he called to say he was on the way, I told him we have 3 dogs and they are great with people. He didn’t say anything. Then when he came to the door, I opened it and he just stood there. Amber was barking and all 3 were trying to get close to him. I told him to come in but he just stood there. He said I had to “put them away”. The room we put them away in is the Sunroom which is the room the computer is in and he needed to work in. It’s the only room downstairs that has a door on it. I finally ended up putting all 3 on leashes and then taking them up to our bedroom and closing them in. They hated it and carried on the whole time. For 1 1/2 hours!! If they were allowed to be out and about, they would go up to him, see him and then ignore him. They would go about their business and not give him a second thought. Standing at the threshold to the house is the worst thing someone can do. Once you get past the doorway, they’re fine. We’ve had so many repairmen coming in, meter readers, etc. Just this year, 2 Directv guys, last fall several Nicor Gas guys, etc. Plus we’ve had the hot water heater installed, etc. and never had to put the dogs away. I literally screamed at the guy, “I’ll put them away SINCE YOU’RE AFRAID OF DOGS!” It pissed me off that this is their house and they can’t be out. Even the vet says they’re “people dogs”. Anyway, the tech replaced the modem and I just got back from mailing the old one in. They told me to take it to the UPS store and they’d box it up, make the label and it would all be free of charge. They’re unable to give us any faster internet due to how far we are from the main switching box in Uptown. The first new modem he brought in wouldn’t work and he had to go get another out of his truck. I’m happy to say our internet is working better than it had for years.

The RV is in the repair shop now getting new stairs, new batteries and fixing the hot water heater. We’ve been too busy to even have time to think about our first vacation of the year. The weather hasn’t been very cooperative either. It’s supposed to be almost 70 degrees this time of year but instead it’s been getting into the 30’s at night and low 50’s during the day. This year is one for the record books in every way. Not good but it has to get better as it goes along… right?!

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Today would’ve been my mom’s 96th birthday. I was going to write a nice tribute to her but I’m not in the mood. I’ve had a weird backache since yesterday. It’s in my left hip and the pain is not constant. It is sudden and severe and makes me yell out and takes my breath away at the same time. As far as I know, I didn’t injure myself. I had a weird hip thing about 10 years ago that was totally different. It was severe but I had it 24/7 for months until I got a low dose of steroids. Then it was  supposedly arthritis but this must be a pulled muscle. Anyway, I’m still doing things like laundry and walking the dogs, just dosing myself with Tylenol.

I’ve never written a blog post about losing weight. I always said I would but never got around to it. This isn’t going to be it either. I’m at the highest weight I’ve ever been. I’ve gained in the last 4 years even after being told specifically to lose weight for my spinal stenosis. As a young girl, I always wanted to be thin and tried everything to lose weight. Sometime over the last 2 decades, I lost the desire to lose weight. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t “enjoy” being fat. I’m used to it. It is what I’ve always been and if I was thin, it wouldn’t be “me”. I was going to say it’s part of my identity but that makes it sound like I’m one of the fatties that are proud to be large and in charge. I’m not proud, I’m ashamed of my size but I’m through apologizing. I like to eat. Taking away one of the things I enjoy most in life is a big sacrifice. That being said, I want to be healthy. I want to be able to walk and move and not have pain. I don’t want to lose any organs or get a disease I will have to treat the rest of my life. I don’t want to take copious amounts of prescription medicines or have surgery. I have no one to be healthy for anymore but myself. I never feel worth the trouble or bother.


Taking all that into consideration, I am making the effort to cut out some carbs. Hubby has been going to our new doctor since Jan. Since his diagnosis of diabetes in June 2013, he got it under control almost immediately. Over time he was losing a handle on it and then after my mom died 5 1/2 months ago, it completely got out of control. He’s been having symptoms that he never had before,  high blood sugar readings, etc. The doctor first tried putting him on Janumet for a month along with the Metformin but it didn’t help. Now he’s on an insulin pen once a day. He started out with 10 ml which isn’t enough. He got very sick this past week from his body “crashing”. He has to see the doctor every single week until things have leveled off. Friday, his dose was upped to 20 ml and found out he had a sinus infection, too. So he’s on antibiotics, a nasal spray, etc. He’s been sick since Tues. but managed to go to work. On Sat. I had planned for us to go somewhere but he was too ill so we stayed home and he went to bed for 4 hours in the middle of the day. I’ve been going to the doctor with him every time. This doctor says things like, “If you lose 100 lbs., you can get off the meds altogether!” Uh…in the 3 decades I’ve known my husband, he never weighed 100 lbs. less. It’s never going to happen. He can lose 30 lbs. over time, maybe even 50 if ambitious but not 100.


So our weekends have been taken up with less than fun things lately. A week ago yesterday, we spent the entire day working in the yard. First we went to Ace Hardware and got 6 bags of top soil for 99 cents each. Plus 6 bags of cypress mulch to put around the trees. We cut the grass and put down fertilizer and Grubex. There is just so much to do and either no time or no energy to do it. We get done what we can but life feels very mundane right now….


We’ve been doing a lot of food shopping. The doctor wants Greg to cut out all carbs. I don’t think that’s realistic but we’re definitely putting in the work to cut them a lot. We love bread and sandwiches so much but that seems to be one of the biggest culprits. Hubby used to take 2 sandwiches for lunch and we lowered it to one but he might have to go without completely. I’ve been making hard boiled eggs every week and giving him 2 in his lunch. I also make the chicken drumsticks in the Big Boss airless cooker and give him 2 of those every day for lunch. Last night I also cooked an entire turkey breast in there which took 3 hours. It’s almost as much work as cooking a whole turkey. We’re trying to stay away from processed lunchmeat so this or tuna is all I can think of. Today I made a Turkey Salad with celery, red onion, apple and a delicious curry dressing. I didn’t have walnuts or grapes so subbed yellow pepper. I put it on lettuce with some grape tomatoes all around. It was really good! Like something you’d have a corporate luncheon. We also bought some of the Adkins snack bars since Greg has such a sweet tooth. A coworker of his has bowls of candy out and is always offering it. He has a terrible time keeping away from it. I can’t police him, especially if I’m not with him. I miss dessert too but baking most of all. I started looking up low carb bars but most have weird seed type ingredients.


This is just a quick post about what we’ve been dealing with lately. I hope to someday have my will to write back. I’m still plugging along. Not really getting anywhere but still taking up space. My heart isn’t in dieting or writing or anything these days. My best guess is that my heart is with my mom and always will be.

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I’ve been disconnected from social media for the past 2 weeks. So much has been going on that I’ve been almost speechless. There was just too much to tell and no time to tell it. A week ago yesterday we ventured up to Madison, WI for a housewarming party. We took a bottle of Twin Fin wine and a cool bud vase with 2 peonies from our garden. One was in bloom and the other hadn’t opened yet. People host parties differently than I ever did. Not that I’m an expert but we always gave people a tour of the house. To the point where hubby would show them our spare bedroom we use for storage and I’d rather he skipped it. We didn’t get a tour or really any acknowledgement for what we brought. I have to believe they were just overwhelmed by the party itself. From what we saw of the house (looking for the bathroom), it was really nice. They’re at the stage of being young and excited and willing to knock themselves out to have things perfect. I remember it well even though it is so far behind me. Every room had a fresh coat of paint, the kitchen had been redone and all the curtains were sewed by Greg’s sister Linda. It was her daughter and son-in-law who had the party. Linda has lost quite a bit of weight by being on the HCG diet which I know very little about. She has to give herself shots daily and eat a very limited diet (about 500 calories a day). The change in her size and shape is remarkable. It seems like everyone I know has been losing weight lately. Making me The Last Fat Woman Standing. Don’t think I haven’t been entertaining the idea. I just don’t know where to start. Small changes I’ve made have made no difference and I hate doing anything drastic. The pondering on it will continue due to our new reality regarding hubby’s recent health diagnosis.
While at last week’s party, we talked with my mother-in-law and one of Greg’s brothers, Dan. They had both lost their Golden Retriever dogs within the past 6 months. They both expressed an interest in getting a new puppy (same breed). That’s one thing Greg & I know how to do is find a dog. We suggested a rescue dog since we had such good luck with Elvis. They both wanted a younger dog. This got both Greg & I thinking and when we got home, we started searching online. My M-I-L doesn’t really use the Internet and Dan is too busy. We found a woman in Schaumburg, IL (not far from us) who had a some 8 & 10 week old Goldens. Their pictures looked beautiful. She has another litter due this week so had discounted the price on the puppies from $1000 to $700. I thought it would be neat if Dan & his mom could get sisters since they live across the street from each other and the pups could grow up together. Greg emailed Dan and never heard back. Greg called and talked to the woman and found out she would set up an appt. for Friday or Sun to show the dogs. Then he called Dan and they were getting ready to host this graduation party for their daughter this weekend. So we could tell nothing would ever come of it. Greg also called his mother and offered to drive up to WI (90 miles), pick her up, take her to see the puppies and drive her home. She said she’d let him know. I thought that was really a generous offer but I swear people just like to TALK about doing things (like getting another dog) and not really do it. 😦 There is no way we’d ever get a puppy and just give it to someone since we’d be afraid they’d say no. Anyway, Greg and I really gave it our all and it fell flat. It was kind of discouraging.
Thursday I was having my mammogram and MRI for my back. At 4 pm on Wed. I got a phone call from the hospital, saying I’d have to reschedule the MRI since they hadn’t gotten pre-approval from the insurance co. We have Blue Cross through the federal govt which is usually great.  After phone calls back and forth with the doctor’s office, we find out that even though the appt. was made 3 weeks before, they had just called the insurance co. THAT DAY to get approval. The people who work in Dr. Feelgood’s office are TERRIBLE. It’s enough to make us switch doctors but who knows what else we’d end up with at the next one. So I could only get in at 9:15 am on Wed. June 19th for the MRI. I’m half expecting a call Tues. telling me they don’t have approval yet.
To add insult to injury, hubby had gone in on June 5th for a blood pressure check and to get his A1C glucose test. He called 2 days later for the results and they said they didn’t have them yet. They said they would call as soon as they had them. On Wed. after dealing with the screwup of my MRI, I told him to ask about his test results from a week before. They had them but had never called! If he hadn’t asked, who knows if he’d ever have found out. So just like that, over the phone, he finds out he has diabetes. They told him they were sending a prescription for Metformin to our local pharmacy right away and he could stop in the next day for a lesson on how to use a blood glucose meter. This worked out ok since I was getting the mammogram the next day. He came with me and waited and then we went upstairs to the doctor’s office. One of the assistants took us in a room and gave him a meter (One Touch Ultra Mini) and a few test strips and lancets and a written prescription for the strips and lancets. She gave us some other info and told  him to adjust his diet. She gave him a pamphlet about what to order at fast food restaurants. He told her we never eat fast food or fried food. She was so shocked. I know it’s a large part of most Americans’ diets but we have never cared for the feeling of bloat afterwards. We used to eat at McDonalds like once a year and we even got away from that. We’re already eating brown rice and whole grain bread. The major change I see forthcoming is hubby eats a lot of fruit. A banana, an orange, a couple of small apples a day. Now he has to spread them out throughout the day instead of eating all at once. So he has to take his blood glucose readings 3 times a day (before breakfast, 2 hours after any meal and then before bedtime). She also told him to call the insurance co. and see which place they want you to buy from. The ins. co. wasn’t very helpful, except for giving him the name of a diabetic supply place in Elk Grove Village, IL. They also told him the insurance pays 70% of the ALLOWED cost and he has to pay the rest. I told him to call around to places like Osco, Sam’s Club and Walgreens to get quotes.

One Touch UltraMini Blood Glucose Monitor

One Touch UltraMini Blood Glucose Monitor

Hubby’s been feeling sorry for himself since his diagnosis. I guess that happens with some people. I haven’t even begun to feel sorry for myself with my back! In fact, I’ve been extra active and been going on a dead run lately. It hasn’t made me feel any worse and in fact, my foot has been feeling better. I don’t see any end in sight for the doctor’s appts. though. Greg was told to come back July 10th to have his glucose readings evaluated and get his blood pressure checked. Maybe by then I’ll be able to get my mammogram and MRI results.

The New Normal

The New Normal

We went to estate sales on Friday and there were a few in our town on Sat. but we just had to skip them. Too much else to deal with before leaving for the graduation party in Pewaukee, WI. We had been debating what to give for a gift and finally decided on a ladies’ size German beer stein. It was beautifully handpainted with a pewter lid, etc. I had it all bubbled wrapped and in the box before I remembered to take a picture of it so I didn’t get one. I took a picture of her opening it and it’s just a blur. My phone (or ME) is taking shitty pictures lately. I’m morally opposed to giftwrapping but wrapped the present anyway. We were one of the only people who didn’t give money. When she opened it, she didn’t even know what it was. Since she’s going to college in Madison (a party town), it just seemed appropriate. Yes, we’ve turned into the goofy, old aunt and uncle who give quirky gifts. 😉 This was my first time being in their house, even though they’ve lived there close to 20 years. No tour of that either and I saw less than the previous week’s house. I made a point of thanking my brother-in-law and his wife for the invite and letting them know it was my first time seeing it. Due to the weird family dynamic and strained relationships over decades, they haven’t been to our house either.
I always make cards on the computer since I’m against buying ready made cards.  Someday I’ll go into detail on here about why I’m opposed to both that and giftwrap. Hubby was trying to print something out the day before the party and found out we were out of gray ink. Our printer takes 2 different blacks, a gray, red, yellow and blue cartridges. It prints like a professional printer. I’m in love with it. Since we got the thing, the only store that sells the gray ink for it is ABT. So I told hubby to call first and see if they had it. He refused. I should have offered to call but I had things to do! Instead we are on the verge of a fight since he insists on going over there the morning of the party!! I told  him to go buy a cheap graduation card at the grocery store. Instead he goes and comes home with a new printer!! Wow, was I mad! It’s another Canon printer but a cheap one that only has 2 ink cartridges (one black and one for colors). He said they no longer carry the gray ink and this was on sale for $58. I know they’re cheap now but I don’t print that much stuff but what I do print, I want to have quality. I was mad that he couldn’t call me and tell me or ask me or consult me in any way. It’s not the price of the purchase, it’s so much more than that. So then we got into a fight and ended up fighting in the car on the way up to WI which is always fun. NOT. He stacked the new printer on top of the old one (which I still want to keep and use, it’s not broken!) and was able to print out a card. The quality looked TERRIBLE and I was so disappointed. I made him address and sign the whole card, which I usually do for us.
To keep this from reaching book length, I’m going to end here. I have more to share but will save it for my next few blog posts. In the meantime, we’re just adjusting to The New Normal. It’s only been a few days so at this point, we’re just trying to get used to the idea of hubby having The Sugar Diabetes. Yes, to lighten the mood, that’s what we’re calling it. That’s what it was called when we were kids. To start off on the right track, hubby didn’t have any cake at the grad party yesterday. About 6 people asked me if I wanted a piece. I said, “No, I wouldn’t feel right eating it when Greg can’t.” Then I look over and see my M-I-L shoveling cake into her pie hole. She has diabetes too and I felt like I’d just put both feet in my mouth. Oh well. The older I get, the more I’m used to saying things, consequences be damned.

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