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I seem to live my life nearly frantic. It always feels like it’s spiraling out of control and I feel powerless. Adding the 3rd dog (Puppy Elvis) to the household has seemed to backfire. Hubby was gone for 8 nights (9 days) to Oklahoma City the end of last month. Singlehandedly, I had the responsibility of him 24/7 for 9 days without a break. If this was a test, I failed miserably. Sure, I survived but I was unable to get what I wanted to accomplish done or even relax and unwind. My frustration level has been to the moon. You could even say I’m an astronaut because I’ve been there more than once.

Obviously, I’ve dealt with puppies before (this is my 5th as an adult) and even a Jack Russell Terrier once before. I don’t know if it’s the fact there are now 3 canines to contend with or if it is me and my nerves/emotional state. I seem to be on edge constantly, no patience with the worst temper I’ve ever had in my life. I have to keep telling myself that Elvis will grow out of this puppyhood and be as good a dog as the other 2. They’re not perfect and still get into things at times but for the most part are wonderful. I’ve spent a lot of time working with them. It’s very hard working with Elvis when he seems to have no attention span at all and Amber and Ivy keep trying to get in on whatever I’m trying to teach him.
We have doggy gates for the kitchen, one blocking the stairs to the basement and one from the kitchen into the dining room. The barriers couldn’t even contain Elvis for a day. He was climbing up and over, repeatedly. We’ve been feeding Elvis his puppy food in the kitchen and the other 2 have their bowls and water in the dining room. Our vet is always incredulous that they eat together out of the same bowl. Amber and Ivy have always gotten along well but since Elvis showed up, they don’t fight at all anymore. It seems to have bonded them together. So aside from putting Elvis in his wire cage, he’s with me every second. Following me around, sitting on my lap or he’s into trouble. I can’t stand putting him in his cage and use it as a last resort because he chirps so loud, it hurts my ears. Our other dogs have crates they go in to sleep at night and we want to get Elvis trained to sleep in his but that hasn’t worked out.
We took him on vacation with us in the RV less than a week after we got him. The other dogs are well-behaved enough to sleep loose in the RV (no room for cages anyway) and Elvis slept with us. Now trying to break him of it will result in us not getting sleep for how many nights?! So we are waiting until everything else in life settles down before attempting the sleep deprivation.
We got Elvis neutered the beginning of last month and it was nearly impossible to keep him down for 10 days. We did well to make it a week. He wasn’t allowed to go on walks with the other dogs, no running or jumping, etc. No wonder my nerves are shot. He was on the leash for a week and never left my side. At least that’s over with but it felt like an eternity. 2012 has been one rough year already.
When hubby was gone, I started questioning if we did the right thing by getting Elvis. He has pushed me past my limit so many times and I don’t like the things I am feeling. Even though I don’t have kids, I can imagine I’m having a lot of the same feelings as a mother of small children.
Elvis loves to grab the other dogs’ leashes in his mouth and carry them around. With them on the other end. When I try to get them all leashed up to go on the daily walk, he grabs them and pulls them all over. He wrapped it all around Amber’s legs which gets her so angry and upset. I keep hoping that in a few months things will be better around here. In the meantime, I’m making it through one day at a time…and using Twitter as stress relief. :-0
As I was posting this, Elvis climbed into the laundry basket of clean towels and laid down for a nap…lucky for him he’s so cute.

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