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So much has happened in just a few weeks. Hubby had been so sick, suffering with a sinus infection last time I posted. That would have been bad enough but after taking an entire week’s worth of pills, we find out he’s allergic to penicillin. Just in time to ruin another weekend, they came on as he was driving home on Thurs. April 27th. By the time he’d had dinner, he was fully broke out from head to toe with hives. We tried a Benadryl and a Zyrtec which did nothing. Luckily, we both had a doctor’s appt. the following morning. The first thing the doctor said when he came into the room and saw Greg was, “Somebody got some sun!” His entire head was bright red. The doctor seemed unfazed by the severity and prescribed low dose steroids (starting out with 6 pills a day, decreasing each day until day 6 is 1 pill), 2 Benadryl every 6 hours round the clock and Calamine lotion. Greg was miserable for the entire week. we were both worried that his throats might close up! As long as it took to get into his system is how long it took to pass the penicillin out of his system. He works alone on Sunday and by Monday it was finally starting to abate a little bit. This was my first time seeing the doctor as a patient and he prescribed me Lexapro without even listening to my heart or lungs or looking in my ears or throat. I thought that was weird. I told him how I’ve felt down for months and didn’t know if it’s because my mom died, if it’s due to starting menopause or if I’m depressed. He said try 10 mg of Lexapro for 2 weeks and then he’d up the dose if needed.
The first day I took it, it made me nauseous for a few hours and then passed. After a few days I felt better but that Sat. April 29th when I started it, I came down with a cold. So it’s hard to tell how I really feel. It’s still lingering on. He had a bunch of blood tests done on me since it’s been over 4 years since I had blood drawn. He has this Patient Fusion thing where you can look online to see your results. My cholesterol is 229 which is a bit high but to me, nothing to worry about. Normal is under 200 but he wants it under 180. When we went back to the doctor Thurs. May 4th, he told me to get some Red Yeast Rice Extract Pills at Sam’s Club and take a 600 mg. pill twice a day and it will naturally lower it. We stopped in to Sam’s Club and they were out! So I got it at CVS when we picked up one of hubby’s prescriptions. I started taking it Sun. May 7th and it made a mess of my stomach. He said it would do that but it goes away over time. Today is already better. 

So many people are on antidepressants and I never wanted to be one of them. I’m against taking a lot of pills. I like to think the body heals itself. However, after all these years, I’ve decided to try and see if I can feel better mentally and physically. This is my first time taking any and I didn’t want to have the stigma of it rub off on me. Yet I’d rather be honest and share that I’m trying it than hide it. I can tell already I sleep a lot better at night. I’m still sleepy during the day but I’m hoping to get some energy eventually. So far there isn’t a significant change.

The doctor has been increasing hubby’s dose of insulin by 10 ml a week. He’s now up to 40 ml a day. His numbers are coming down but the whole week he was on steroids, they were high. The doctor said that would happen. This week we are getting a reprieve from going in to his office and only have to call the doctor on Thurs. and report his blood sugar readings and I have to say if I need my dose upped. We might use the day Thurs. after calling to take the Ancestry DNA results up to his mother in WI. We got them a few weeks ago when he was so sick and there was no way we could go anywhere, let alone to another state. 

Last weekend, we had our first semi-normal weekend in over a month. We got to go to 2 estate sales on Friday and then popped in to Oakton St. Antique Mall nearby to check out their sale. We parked next to a car that was just filled with garbage! The passenger side and entire backseat was stuffed to the ceiling with trash! I couldn’t believe it was that bad. I’ve seen cars used as dumpsters before but usually there’s room to see through the back window. It’s so unsafe not to be able to use your rearview mirror at all! I took a bunch of pictures and will use them for this post. I told hubby when we went inside to try to guess whose car it was. It was really impossible to tell! I assumed it was a man’s car but it could’ve been a woman’s. Little things like that amuse me. It’s sad and gross and curious all rolled into one. I guess it makes me feel like my life is less of a mess. For the record, the inside of my car is very clean. 🙂

On Sat. May 6th, we went to the Library Book Sale in our town. I was pretty excited. They only have it twice a year. We missed it last time because that was the day that Mom had a stroke and went into the hospital. (Yesterday was 6 months since she died.) We got there a minute or two before opening and there were like 35 people ahead of us. They had the vintage books in a back room and going in there, it was all picked over. I only found 2 older books and after looking through everything in the place, I left with only 9 books. I was kind of bummed but we hit a few estate sales and found some really great books at those. We also ate good food and walked the dogs together every day even though we were worn out.

Skipping back a bit, on April 24th we went to the AT&T store near the mall in Niles, IL. I knew for months we had to go switch our cellphone and U-verse account from Mom’s name to Greg’s. Mom had worked for the phone company for over 35 years and got a discount. Since she lived with us, we put the phone in her name. When she died, they said to wait at least 3 months but less than 6 to switch them over. I had mentioned it to Greg often but you know how there’s never a good time for things like that. Our AT&T store usually has a couple hour wait to be helped, standing room only, wall to wall. But because we went at 6 pm on a Monday night, it was the emptiest I’d ever seen it! We were helped immediately by a nice girl named Oliwia but it still took 2 1/2 hours! First we decided to cancel our landline. No one ever calls us but telemarketers. So that took awhile. Then we had to cancel our cellphone from her name to ours. They no longer have “minutes” or charge for texts. We were able to bring our cellphone bill down about $50. Then we had to cancel our U-verse and go without Internet for 3 days! That made no sense to me. But they couldn’t just do a name switch on the computer. They had to send out a technician on Thurs. April 27th. Then we had to bundle our Directv with our U-verse. For some reason the bill was no cheaper for bundling. We’ll have to call Directv and find out why. Directv offers new customers great deals but if you’re loyal and stick with them, they keep raising your rates. Go figure.

Greg was at work when the AT&T tech came. The guy was very “ meticulous” and “precise”. Everything had to be “just so” and “by the rules”. When he called to say he was on the way, I told him we have 3 dogs and they are great with people. He didn’t say anything. Then when he came to the door, I opened it and he just stood there. Amber was barking and all 3 were trying to get close to him. I told him to come in but he just stood there. He said I had to “put them away”. The room we put them away in is the Sunroom which is the room the computer is in and he needed to work in. It’s the only room downstairs that has a door on it. I finally ended up putting all 3 on leashes and then taking them up to our bedroom and closing them in. They hated it and carried on the whole time. For 1 1/2 hours!! If they were allowed to be out and about, they would go up to him, see him and then ignore him. They would go about their business and not give him a second thought. Standing at the threshold to the house is the worst thing someone can do. Once you get past the doorway, they’re fine. We’ve had so many repairmen coming in, meter readers, etc. Just this year, 2 Directv guys, last fall several Nicor Gas guys, etc. Plus we’ve had the hot water heater installed, etc. and never had to put the dogs away. I literally screamed at the guy, “I’ll put them away SINCE YOU’RE AFRAID OF DOGS!” It pissed me off that this is their house and they can’t be out. Even the vet says they’re “people dogs”. Anyway, the tech replaced the modem and I just got back from mailing the old one in. They told me to take it to the UPS store and they’d box it up, make the label and it would all be free of charge. They’re unable to give us any faster internet due to how far we are from the main switching box in Uptown. The first new modem he brought in wouldn’t work and he had to go get another out of his truck. I’m happy to say our internet is working better than it had for years.

The RV is in the repair shop now getting new stairs, new batteries and fixing the hot water heater. We’ve been too busy to even have time to think about our first vacation of the year. The weather hasn’t been very cooperative either. It’s supposed to be almost 70 degrees this time of year but instead it’s been getting into the 30’s at night and low 50’s during the day. This year is one for the record books in every way. Not good but it has to get better as it goes along… right?!


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It’s been too long since I’ve had a free moment to sit down and blog. I miss it so much but can’t say I haven’t been keeping busy! When my readers start wondering if I’m still kicking it above ground, I say it’s high time I get on here and fill you guys in.

When I blogged last, we’d just gotten a new furnace. The week after that we were dealing with AT&T practically all week. We’d had problems with our wi-fi earlier this year and had them come out and install the fiber optics for U-verse. Just for the Internet since we’ve got Directv for tv. Well, it worked great for about 2 weeks and then we started having problems with it again. I couldn’t get online with my laptop or the ipad. We couldn’t get Netflix to connect not once in over a month. I was able to with my iphone but even had trouble with that at times. We just kept putting up with it hoping it would get better but it kept getting worse. I had to do a “diagnostic” through Internet Explorer every time I wanted to get on my laptop because it wouldn’t connect to the wi-fi. Sometimes I’d have to do it 3 or 4 times in a row and STILL couldn’t get online. Meanwhile, about 45 minutes to an hour is burned up and I’m then out of time to be online. So I was in my usual state of frustration and finally “had it”. I called AT&T and complained about the wi-fi. I hadn’t done it sooner because I figured it would be something complicated that would take me hours on the phone trying to fix with their “advice”. After awhile on the phone with them (not nearly as long as I’d imagined), they did a check of our phone line from their end and said it failed! So they were sending someone out the next day. I’ll spare you the gory details but the guy was late and then was here 2 1/2 hours and couldn’t figure anything out. He wasn’t able to hook up our Airport Extreme and finally he swapped out the modem (which had just been put in when they did the U-verse install in Feb.). Then it seemed to work but it was slow. He couldn’t figure that out either and instead of calling and talking to the room full of techs that are at the disposal of AT&T, he sat texting to his friend, supposedly asking him questions about our situation. He went outside and unhooked a ton of wires that ran to the box and said he’d have someone come out tomorrow to check the line outside the house. About an hour after he left, we got an automated phone call from AT&T saying that “our repair session was completed.” If the phone hadn’t rang, I never would have known that only one of our phone’s was ringing! Before the guy came we’d had a working phone in the kitchen, living room and sunroom. Now only the sunroom (where the computer is) was working. The other 2 didn’t even have dialtones. I was hopping mad! I didn’t know if I could count on another repair guy coming the next day for sure or not. We always got a recorded message saying the repairman would be here at such and such a time. I waited into the evening and no call came so I decided to call AT&T to find out if someone was coming. If they weren’t, I wanted to make sure they did. I knew for sure I didn’t want the same joker back that had screwed it up in the first place!

So AT&T said they had no record of a scheduled repair visit for the next day so set it up for noon to 4 pm. The next day at 9 am on the dot, a repair guy showed up at the front door! Isn’t it a good thing I called?! 😦 He was an older guy and seemed so put out at having to be here. He was in such a hurry, he didn’t act like he could stand to listen to me describe the problem. He said he was here to check the outside line and knew nothing about us not having our other phones working! So I had to MAKE him listen so he’d take care of it. He went in back to the outside phone box attached to the house and I told him the guy had unhooked a bunch of wires. I told  him he could plug some in and I’d run and check if there was a dial tone. Instead he wanted to come inside and check each one at the jack. Which is ridiculous. The kitchen phone is a wall phone and he had a hard time getting it off and back on again. Then he decided NOT to do it in the other room since the jack was above the baseboard behind some furniture. The guy gave me some garbage saying that the more phones that are on a phone line, the less strong the signal will be. How could people in the ’70’s have so many phones in a house and now in the 2010’s, the technology can’t handle it?! I just don’t believe it. I said to the guy, “I’m not convinced that U-verse will work for us for the wi-fi”. I was basically fishing for some reassurance. So he answers, “You should go with Comcast. They’re much faster.” I WAS FLOORED. Who says that about their employer?! Even if he was a contractor, that seems totally shady. So I said, “We’ve always tried to be loyal to AT&T”. He says, “You do what you gotta do”. My jaw just about dropped. Wouldn’t you love to have this guy working for you? That’s like a waiter at a restaurant telling a customer who asks, “What’s good?” to go next door for their fried chicken instead of eating at his place!! The repair guy was here less than a half hour and I didn’t feel too good about anything when he left. I immediately walked the dogs (I was almost out the door when he showed up at 9 am) and saw him sitting in his truck a few blocks away for over an hour. At one point I saw another AT&T truck pulled up next to him and they were chatting. After he left, I got to thinking that the other jacks in the house that we’re not using will probably never work if we did plug a phone into them now. Like up in our bedroom. We’ve never liked having a phone in there but if we wanted to, I doubt we could now. Same with the basement. I hate to switch companies but don’t know how long we’ll be with AT&T. I don’t know if ANY company is any good in this day and age.

Then we had a problem with the AT&T U-verse bill. When we had their DSL & home phone, it came on the same bill. Now without me noticing or being told, they were coming on 2 separate bills plus our cellphones on another AT&T bill. So we’re paying 3 different AT&T bills every month. The first month after the original repair visit in Feb. was not far off the price from before and i just paid it online like I always do. The next month it was double! I figured out that it was a different account number and called them up to say I had missed this and would pay but I’ve never been late before and didn’t want to pay $8 late fee. They said no late fee was showing up on their billing but I had to pay the double bill. The money I’d paid before was going to our home phone bill and couldn’t be switched over. It’s so complicated it’s not even funny. So no problem, I entered a new payee on the Internet banking and paid it. Then before we left on vacation, we got a bill for $132. They were charging us for the installation of the U-verse which they had previously waived after all the trouble we’d had plus the $8 late fee. Hubby gave me a break and called and supposedly it’s taken care of. I paid it yesterday minus the $8 but had to pay the rest and they’re going to credit us next month.

This is just ONE issue we’ve been dealing with. There’s been seventy bajillion other things going on that I don’t know how I’ll get into but I guess one blog post at a time. The highlights? Since I last blogged we’ve had hubby’s BD, Mom’s BD, a vacation, treasure hunting galore and my Instagram store expanding. I’ve participated in my first “recipe swap” and signed up for a “book swap”. I will try to fill in the gaps since you heard from me last. Thank you, dear friends, for waiting around for my retelling of my latest adventures. 🙂


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