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We got home Friday Oct. 14th from a week spent in the Indianapolis area. We tend to get stuck in a rut while RVing and this was a chance to break out of it. We usually go to either Green Bay or Black River Falls, WI. I noticed there were a lot of antique shops in the Indy area and since it’s about 4 hours from home, it was doable. We ended up staying way in Pendleton which is a farming community north and east of Indianapolis. There really are only a few RV parks to choose from and our first choice along the river was full. The place we ended up at was called Glowood Campground. It used to be a farm and they now have mostly tent camping. There must’ve been about 10 sites for RVs that had full hookups (sewer, water & electric). If we ever go again, I think we’d try staying south of the city.
We had heard that Carmel was a hub for antiques so that was our first stop on Saturday. It is pronounced Car-ml (like the candy) but we still can’t help calling it Car-mel like the one in CA. “Carmel by the sea” is one of the places we went to on our honeymoon and it took many corrections to learn to say it right. The Midwestern Carmel turned out to be a cute town full of shops of all kinds, statues, bike trails, etc. It is basically ideal for hipsters (aka yuppies). Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?), we’re not hipsters so after spending a few hours in the Old Town Antique Mall, we didn’t buy a thing. We almost missed Melissa’s Antiques which was on the 2nd level behind the stairs. She’s someone I’ve been following on Instagram for years but we’re not friends. I wanted to check her booth out and it turns out she had the best stuff in the place! Plus she had it organized like a dream. When we left there, we headed to Westfield to the Main Street Shops Antique Mall. We had higher hopes for that place but also came away without buying a thing. We were only in Indy 24 hours and were starting to second guess our decision to go there.

Sunday we went to Noblesville which is just charming. The Antique Mall there was the best! We got a few things and planned to come back later in the week if we didn’t find anything better. I always take a ton of pictures of things I like when antiquing. I can look back on them and see if I still love it or still want it. Sadly, there were a few things I was iffy on and we were going back on Thurs. but never made it. Mostly because we got caught up in other things but also because the traffic in Indy is WORSE than Chicago! Not even kidding. It takes forever to get anywhere and there’s a lot of construction and bumper to bumper traffic. Ugh!

Monday we went to Pendleton which was 5 miles from us. There were a few antique stores there but they were closed. A lot have a sign on the door, “Open by appointment or chance”. It seems like a crazy way to run a business. We ended up coming home early and taking Mom to the Hoosier Park Casino (& horse track) which was in Anderson about 20 minutes away. We ended up losing but had a bit of fun. On Wed. we went back to the casino with Mom and played for hours on Fortune 88 slot machines. We were just recycling money but at the end we came out $38 ahead and were able to go buy dinner at the buffet. This was my 4th time eating out this year so it was a real treat. The food was “meh” but I enjoyed it anyway. Otherwise we ate all our meals in the RV.

Tues. we went to the Holy Cross area of the city of Indianapolis. There’s an industrial building (formerly a factory) that was been turned into Midland antique mall. It was a blast going from room to room and floor to floor exploring. Hubby found more treasures than I did this trip but that’s ok. We both had a great time and would gladly go back anytime. In fact, we did go back on Thurs. when we were in the area visiting several other places. We came back specifically for a Pullman Step Stool. It’s from the old Pullman train cars out of Chicago and made of all steel. It is heavy duty and rare. I looked online and there is only 2 on ebay and they go for between $289-400. The one we found was in great shape and much cheaper! Greg couldn’t stop thinking about it and so we got it and will be using is as the step coming into our RV. Next we went to Audrey’s which was advertised as “where the dealers shop”. First off, it was in a BAD neighborhood. They have a furniture store and then another larger building with “vintage”. Most of it was new stuff made to look old and the prices were the worst I’d seen. So far beyond retail, it was a joke. Like if a pair of sunglasses is $1 at an estate sale, $2 at a thrift store, $5 at an antique store–Audrey’s would have them marked $59. Needless to say, we didn’t buy anything there. I had such a bad vibe off the place. Greg found a nice newish metal cross and it was marked $125. I would’ve paid $65 and I wouldn’t have felt good about it. Greg asked how much they’d take for it and the guy says $100. He thought it was solid brass and old but it wasn’t. Finally the guy came down to $95. We let them keep it.

On Thurs. we went back to the Holy Cross area to a place called Society Of Salvage. Another store called Rewired Antiques is located in the same building. He specializes mostly in vintage lighting but has other cool stuff too. The most memorable thing we got this trip (besides the step) was a set of 5 chairs from SOS. They were auditorium seats taken out of an old school. We’re talking 1950’s heavy duty (sturdy) steel chairs that fold up. We both liked them the minute we saw them. They’re bright orange and can be hooked together at the bottom. We were originally going to get 3 of them. The guy working there said they were $20 each which seemed fair. We had to go through about 10 of them to find the best ones and had it narrowed down to 5. Since they’re old, they all have something superficially wrong with them. Like missing rubber feet, stains, etc. The guy saw how hard we were trying to find good ones so he said if we bought 3, he’d throw in the 4th for free. We couldn’t decide between the 5 so asked if he’d take $60 for 5 of them. He said yes! We were so thrilled! These suckers are really heavy but feel so good to sit in. Not like a metal folding chair or a plastic chair. As comfortable as a couch (minus the footrest and armrests). Now we have to figure out where to put them!

Greg is getting more and more into primitives and salvage finds. I find them interesting as well. The guy running SOS told us about a new place that opened up 2 months ago a block away so we decided to check them out. It’s called Little Doc’s Architectural Salvage. They have a showroom in front and a warehouse in back filled with some of the nicest, choicest salvage I’ve ever seen. We met the owners, Little Doc & Lindsay Keys (husband and wife), who are the coolest. They are living their dream and doing it in style. Little Doc’s father has run Doc’s Architectural Salvage for decades and now has opened another one in the Nashville area. Little Doc caught the vintage fever and he collects and sells. He showed us around and I saw several things I’d love to have but alas, I have only a 1,379 sq. ft. house that is already crammed full. One of the cooler things he had was a gigantic old porcelain sign for a monument company. Another was a huge 10 ft. tall wooden pulpit from the 1840’s! He’d taken it out of a lady’s house. She had won it at an auction when her church went out of business. I would give my eye teeth for it but as I said, I have nowhere to put it so can’t even entertain the idea. My dream is to buy a historic church that has closed and renovate it into a home and either an antique shop or a homeless shelter. I know that sounds vastly different but I like saving old things and I like helping people. I haven’t gotten Greg on board completely yet. He’s afraid we could lose everything we have by getting in too deep with something like that. In any case, it was fun to look and meet the Keys. I know they’ll be a big success! When we left there we went to check out Little Doc’s dad’s place. It was ginormous and a true junkyard. It was more old barn boards, doors, doorknobs, hardware, etc. Things we’re not as interested in but still like to look.

While we were in Indy, I can’t say I was loving it. However, since I’ve come home I have much fonder feelings for it. We had more fun than I realized at the time. 😊 If that makes any sense. I take so many pictures that I like making Flipagram videos and posting them to Instagram. Unfortunately, IG keeps removing them as soon as I post them. So I got fed up and didn’t post anything last week. Now I’ve tried again and they still removed them. My blog won’t allow videos either so I’m just going to put in a small smattering of pics to sum up the week. Thanks for reading!

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Today I was able to move about freely without feeling like I was going to “hit the floor”. Not the fun kind of “hit the floor” like Flo Rida and the Apple Bottom Jeans song, either. I made it to physical therapy and was evaluated on my range of motion movements compared to my first visit. I gained 10% on most things and only 3% more on standing up and bending backwards. My spine only bends at the top, not the bottom. I’m hoping I will continue not only to maintain but improve my flexibility. My physical therapist is putting together an exercise plan for me that she’ll give me Wed. that I can continue with. She’s also allowing me to have rest days instead of doing the exercises every single day. I’m kind of gung ho and when I commit to something, I don’t waver unless I have a setback like being sick. Then all bets are off. Anyway, I’m going to continue but be less rigid and listen to my body more. She asked me about my pain level and I realized it is much less. It actually helped taking it easy this week and not going full bore. I can do everything with less pain and also am not as stiff.
As I’ve mentioned before, my husband and I have gotten into what I call Treasure Hunting. It’s going to estate sales and looking through other people’s crap for something of worth for cheap. It’s such an odd, eclectic (kind words) group of people who do this. I guess that makes me one of them! 🙂 A lot of them are older people and foreigners. Not to lump everyone in together but a lot of foreigners are cheap and know a good bargain. I can’t fault them for this. I’m inherently cheap but not enough to make it on Extreme Cheapskates yet. The day I start saving my urine in bottles to save on flushing the toilet, I invite you to shoot me in the head.
If we go early to the estate sales, we have to wait in line and then they give out numbers a half hour or hour before opening. We’ve done both where we’ve gone early (never early enough to be first) but often just stroll over about an hour after it starts. If you go early, there’s a chance you’ll get something really good. There’s also a chance that the first person will take whatever you’re interested in and you did it all for nothing. When we’ve gone later, we’ve still found really good stuff, just not often. It’s a crapshoot. Anyway, we’ve been doing this since Spring and not every weekend. Then there’s some weekends that we go to only one sale and get nothing or go all weekend and come back empty handed. We are really selective about what we get. We only get cool things we like and haven’t seen before. We also won’t pay a ton for anything. So if we love it but the price is retail, we pass. We are finally running out of wall space and so have to be really picky if we get anything else.
The first several months it was like a clique with the people showing up outside these places to wait. They all knew each other and would only talk amongst themselves. Now the past month or so, we have struck up several conversations with some of the people. There’s this one older gentleman who must be about 86 and has a strong accent. I’d guess he’s from Czechoslovakia or Hungary. The guy is a hoot! He comes up to us telling the lamest jokes you’ve ever heard. “What is the first thing you take off of a naked woman?” “A naked man.” Ok, so the guy is creepy too but as long as he doesn’t touch me, I’m fine. The last few times we’ve seen him, he tells my husband, “Next time, I buy your wife!” He thinks this is funny. It was mildly amusing the first time. Not after as many times as I’ve heard it. I would give anything to be quick with a reply. It took me an hour after this happened on Sat. to think of the perfect response. It had me laughing out loud and when I told hubby, he laughed too. He doesn’t humor me if he doesn’t think I’m funny. So next time he offers to buy me, I will say in a thick foreign accent, “You think I prostitute?” Saying this as a noun, not a verb. Because I’m sorry, that’s the way foreigners talk. SOME foreigners. My favorite foreigners are the ones you can’t tell are foreigners because they speak better English than I do. I want to hug them all because you can just tell they appreciate being here. I think it’s wonderful that they embrace their culture and heritage but the best thing would be for them to learn English so they can really share their homeland and ethnicity with us. I’ve always thought speaking a foreign language others don’t understand is selfish. It’s exactly like whispering. People can’t hear what your saying and it’s exclusionary. Keeping others in the dark is unacceptable. I’m all for dual language households. In fact, I marvel at anyone who learns more than one language and the earlier you start, the better. I just think that you can speak English in public and whatever you choose in the privacy of your own home. I’ll probably be stoned for this opinion but I stand behind it.
I sure got off on a tangent there. I’m definitely going to say that to the old man if he tries to buy me again. I may also ask, “How much?” The other funny thing I heard this weekend was when my husband asked a guy, “Do you work here?” and the guy replied, “I’ve been accused of that.” As a rule, we try to only go to the estate sales that are in our town or neighboring suburbs. They are all over the Chicagoland area, up to an hour away but that’s not worth our while or gas money. Sometimes we venture into Chicago itself but not more than 6 miles. There was an ad for a Vintage Collectible Shop going out of business. So we took the drive into the city and it looked like a fly by night place. They didn’t have much merchandise and only some of it was old. Not much had a price marked on it. We bought nothing but I had the best laugh I’ve had in ages. I saw a painting on the wall that could’ve been of me! It’s a nude brunette woman, shown from the back, standing in a bathroom. It was like looking in a mirror. I’m not one to go for nudes hanging in my house or I would’ve inquired on the price. My husband didn’t get the same kick out of it as I did. I took a picture with my iPhone and was going to Instagram it but then IG was acting up. I looked it up online and it’s a reproduction painting by artist Fernando Botero from Columbia. He has a ton of other famous paintings with this fat woman (aka my doppelganger) and other fat women doing different things. I couldn’t get it out of my head and remarked about it to my hubby. Online they sell for about $200+ which is more than I’d pay. If I could’ve gotten it for $50 or less, I might’ve gotten it. I said to hubby, “Where would we hang it if we got it? It’s not right for the living room.” He answered, “On the refrigerator.” He told me that I’m not even close to that big, that the woman in the picture is the size of the 2 of us put together. It’s crazy that that’s how I see myself. If I look in the mirror at the back of me, that’s what I see. TMI, I know. If I look at myself naked from the front, I throw up. If I got that painting, I’d be inclined to tell everyone that I’d been the model for it. 😉 I never thought I could be a model before but now I’m wondering. Maybe if I contact the artist, he will consider using me for his future work. Heh. Actually, that’s the closest you’ll ever get to seeing a naked picture of me. You’re welcome. 😉

My Doppelganger

My Doppelganger

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